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  1. I would also like to have alternative photoshow. Though I loved it for years, with the adobe flash, it does not work on all computers. It was a great program back in the day, anyone find something that is comparable?
  2. Yvette Cressend

    PhotoShow Desktop Problem

    I had this problem two years ago, with many tech support tickets, the issue never got resolved. I did a photoshow for a group we went on vacation, with hopes of buring dvds for entire group. Music never would work, half the pictures did not appear. NOTHING HELPED. I gave up. Hope you resolve your problem and let us know how it was resolved. I have not burned a dvd in two years because of this. I still make the photoshow, just email the links to my friends.
  3. Yvette Cressend

    Long Running Script AND Flash Player Problem

    You won't get any help from tech support. They never solved my problem, and the video I was to make for a party never got done.
  4. Yvette Cressend

    Why Can't I Burn A Dvd Of My Photoshow

    the the wav version and the mpg2 file, still no photos, I do not know how to reduce the resolution. I need to find another program that is user friendly like this one and pay for it. any suggestions? I don't care if I have to pay for it, don't want the free version. I have a show tht is 280 photos, about 5 music files and 26 minutes long.
  5. Yvette Cressend

    Why Can't I Burn A Dvd Of My Photoshow

    can I ask a question to add to this topic? I don't want to pile on, but I am afraid if I don't ask here, it will be lost in a thread. I copied my show to a thumb drive because the photos were not burning in the dvd, but it came out on the drive as a small show with all the external stuff such as themes and such as you were building the show. How can I make it come out full screen on the drive, as I have given up hope about burning a dvd after 18 attempts on one show. I have a party to go to to show the show so I am hoping they will have a place on their tv for the drive. I am not exactly sure how to make a mpg2 file, but willling to learn. I was to have made 10 copies of this dvd which I can't do now. Thanks Yvette
  6. Yvette Cressend

    Dvd Burn Not Transfering Photos

    Can someoe please help me, I have contacted customer support and I am not getting the help I need. My photos also do not show up, just the audio burns. I have tried recreating the show and same thing happens. Support told me some of my photos might be corrupt and they extracted some and told me to reburn the show, same result. I have over 112 shows, and this is the first time this has happened. I am using the desktop version, and a premimum member for several years. I have windows 7, so it is not a 10 issue. Anyone???HELP!!!! Yvette
  7. Yvette Cressend

    Can't burn Photoshow

    I answered questions in another thread. I know how to burn a dvd, I have done others today, not on photoshow. I have done updates. I have saved after each function. The problem is on two computers, and the laptop is only a few months old. The Roxio help is useless. I have over 55 photoshows so I am not a newbie to this. I am a premimum member, but perhaps will not renew.
  8. Yvette Cressend

    Can't burn Photoshow

    I am back, still disgusted, no resolution. I have uninstalled three times now and even created a new DVD which does not burn either. Two computer. I have wasted over three hours on this project already today.
  9. Yvette Cressend

    photoshow Failed to burn error message

  10. Yvette Cressend

    photoshow Failed to burn error message

    I can play the exported file, play the show online on my member page, and can play the show on desktop Roxio 6 in the My downloads file.' Have burned other cd and dvds, system is working fine.
  11. Yvette Cressend

    photoshow Failed to burn error message

    Program shut down again: error microsoft visual c ++ runtime library abnormal program termination, Program shut down again: error microsoft visual c ++ runtime library I keep doing a search for help in this area and I found someone else's thread, so I started a new one since he did not come back with answers. I am using photoshow 6, preminum member. I get to 86-89% done, then I get the error message
  12. Yvette Cressend

    photoshow Failed to burn error message

    I have followed the steps above mentioned by Dave at Roxio help. I have updated drives, installed latest directx, redid the photoshow with editing and saving each step. Still can not burn dvd photoshow. It goes to 89% done then I get this error message. Very irritating, as I was supposed to bring 5 copies of the show to a dinner Wednesday night and could not burn them. I am a premium member and use Photoshow 6. Yvette
  13. Yvette Cressend

    Photo Show6

    I have an R disc in, still can't burnn photoshow
  14. Yvette Cressend

    Can't burn Photoshow

    I have been trying to burn DVD for two days. I have also exported. Nothing works. I have burned this same photoshow before. I have used two different computers, same thing happens. It recognizes the DVD burner, then disappears. On this computer the device says OPTICRC DVD RW AD 7560S Help, I need this dvd by the weekend
  15. Yvette Cressend

    Roxio PhotoShow 5, 6 and my Member Page

    Thank you, it uploaded and shared the photoshow from the link you provided. Very strange. Now, should I still uninstall ps5 and reinstall from my member page? And will my photoshows be there, as they are not now. Thanks for your help. Yvette