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    Maybe there's something I don't understand regarding copywrite infringements, but I thought DRM-free songs would be acceptable to Roxio on line to really customize your PhotoShow. What does DRM-free mean? Digital Rights Management or "DRM" commonly refers to software that is designed to control or limit how a file can be played, copied, downloaded, shared, or accessed. DRM-free means that the MP3 files you purchase from Amazon.com do not contain any software that will restrict your use of the file. I've tried to upload these to my PhotoShows, but Roxio won't let me publish, other than to make a DVD. Am I missing something here?
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    Error Code 1001

    I had the same problem. Just wanted to clarify the answer. I was trying to download a photoshow that I made on my laptop to my desktop computer into the photoshow residing on my hard drive and got that error. They both are PhotoSow 5.0 products. So the problem is with Roxio, correct? I disabled both my firewall and virus protection, and it still won't download into Photoshow 5.0 on my hard drive.
  3. Just got a new computer and wanted to transfer my computer hard drive created PhotoShows over to the new one. Does anyone know what folder or files these would be? Also, how do I reinstall the basic Photoshow program and all the theme packs I purchased? Thanks for your help.