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    Export Still Frames As Photo? Possible?

    Most photo shots can be done by using apple's screen catching function: command/shift + 4 or command/shift + 4 + spacebar. Take care if you take a shot from interlaced material - it has to be de-interlaced afterwards by an appropriate graphic tool like Graphic Converter X or Photoshop Express. This doesn't work with DVD Player, but this widget does it: Screenshot Plus. wdgt
  2. opalla

    Burning Dvds For Friends In Europe

    Most modern players in Europe "understand" NTSC and put out a "PAL 60" signal, which is kind of incomplete, regarding to NTSC/PAL specification, but can be displayd well (with colors) by european TVs. Converting from NTSC to PAL reduces quality massively, if not done by high quality (expensive) converters. Send your friends a NTSC dvd, it will do. I'm sitting in Germany, I know what we're talking about ... ;-)
  3. opalla

    Dvd Doesn't Stop Playing, Repeats Again And Again

    @ SomeRandom No - "Play all items continuously" is not checked @ tsantee Promising - I'll check this out. Thanks to you all. If one finds a simpler solution, ya welcome to share ;-) Regards, opalla PS.: I can confirm: tsantee's suggestion works, but you have to use these weird menus provided. I'd prefer a simple checkbox for "no repeat", or better: a movie should quit if it has reached its end and "repeat" should be the option ... -opalla
  4. Hi guys, need a little help from you! I "burned" a DVD image from a mpeg2 movie - no menu, automatic render, then burned it using Toast. It works fine, DVD plays welll as supposed. But: when the movie finishes playing, the DVD starts unexpectedly from beginning, over and over gain. I have to stop it manually by remote control. I watched out for kind of "switch" to suppress this behavior, but wasn't so lucky to find it. Any idea where to screw? TIA, opalla
  5. opalla

    Buffer Underrun Errors Since 9.0.4 Update

    And what happens if you write to an image before burning?
  6. opalla

    Importing Dvd/video_ts

    Until a Mac expert comes along to help you throught the night ;-) you can try out what MPEG-Streamclip can do for you. It's free and a great help: http://www.squared5.com/ In case it's not installed you'll need the Quicktime mpeg2 module: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/mpeg2/ Maybe a missing mpeg2 play back module is reason for your toast problem, too. Regards
  7. Mac OSX 10.4.xx users - read carefully Minimum System Requirements - it's a Mac OS X v10.5.x product! http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/toast/pr...quirements.html
  8. opalla

    New To Blu Ray Authoring

    With me BD on DVD (1080i and720p) works out fine ... seems to depend on BD player ... I'm using a Panasonic DMP-BD30 player. To save DVDs I usually "burn" to an image and check this out before burning. If your DVDs don't work maybe you try out different encoding settings (e.g. MPEG instead of AVCHD).
  9. opalla

    Toast 9 Movie Editing

    circlelee, maybe you wanna check up MPEGstreamclip (squared5.com) to ease up your life ...
  10. opalla

    New To Blu Ray Authoring

    ... and it's by way faster to export as reference movie, Toast can handle this ...
  11. opalla

    Dvd Playback Problems

    I've got no solution ... I think you have to find out, which of the components fails: eyetv, toast or their combination or what else. This is what I'd try out: - Take the original eyetv-mpeg file and drag it to toast and build the dvd. The place of the file is determined by eyetv preferences/recording. It is in an *.eyetv package and shows up when you control click (right click) the filename and then click something like "show content of package" - don't know what it is in English, I use a German system. - Check out that this mpeg plays properly with MPEGstreamclip (squared5.com, free of charge) and find out what else MPEGstreamclip can do for you. Sometimes it helps with corrupt files (time code problems). Let us know what happens ...
  12. opalla

    Importing Video

    Ohhh ... sorry - looks like there is a general "need for speed" - often underrrated when buying the hd cam ...
  13. opalla

    Importing Video

    Since you work with miniDV it always takes real time to import the video. Why not use iMovie8 to import it and use the resulting file to continue with Toast (no need to do anything with iMovie - just use the file).
  14. opalla

    Importing Video

    Does your Mac can "see" the cam in any way? E.g. try iMovie8 to find out. It's matter of checking out which component doesn't work - software or hardware or which combination fails ... And maybe you want to report some more details about your cam and sort of connection used (usb?).