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  1. Am I the only one having a problem returning from the individual photo editing screen? I tried several times to remove red eye, save the photo and go back to the orignal show or the editing screen. When I return to the show, the edit wasn't saved, even though I clicked to save and finish the edit, and return to my photo shows. Also, on several occasions I received mp4 versions with audio and no video. Sometimes reediting and trying again works, other times it doesn't work. I know immediately by the size of the download when the video has not been saved. I noticed several other questions regarding this issue.
  2. gramma

    Animated Slide Show

    Oh, sorry. In that case, I use Photoshow 5, and edit the transitions for each photo, or group of photos. I don't know if version 6 has that capability, though.
  3. gramma

    Inserting Music

    This feature is now available on line, of course. Otherwise, you have to create the show in Photoshow 5, archive it, open it in verstion 6, then upload it.
  4. gramma

    roxio photoshow

    Hi, I've had that happen when uploading shows. I go to the edit screen, then "arrange photos". Find the slide that has the problem, and click "sticker" or "caption" and try to reposition it better. Click save, and if it is still wrong, go back and repeat the process until it is more like how you first placed it. I have had a fair amount of success doing that. It is time consuming, as with everything in Photoshow!
  5. gramma

    Animated Slide Show

    Hi, are you speaking about the stickers they provide? I think you have to go to "arrange" in the editing screen, choose the particular picture you want to add the animation to, click save. Go back to the editing screen, and make sure it is showing up only in the slide you wished. Otherwise, I can only guess you will have to click remove on any slide it is in that it shouldn't be in. I haven't had this problem, so I hope my suggestion is useful.
  6. gramma

    Difference in Account and Icon

    Hi, you will have to download the shows to your desktop if they are showing up on line, but not in your desktop program. Go to the menu "online" in Roxio photoshow 6, and choose "download photoshows". That will show all of your shows which are posted on line. Click each one you want to download to your computer, and they will then be included in your desktop program. As far as burning, I don't think the program burns dvd's perfectly. I use Photoshow 5, which I don't have problems with burning dvds. When I burned a DVD in Photoshow 6, it was missing some of the last slides, so I never used that feature again.
  7. gramma

    Transferring photoshows

    Hi, If you have Photoshow 5 and Photoshow 6, you can transfer photos by clicking on "archive" in photoshow 5, and choose "archive to hard drive" as the option. When the show archives, make sure you note where it is stored. In Phtoshow 6, click file, open, and go to the place the show was stored. You may have to open it twice, as sometimes the show is copied to another location first. Anyway, I have done this many times because if I use more than one of my mp3 files in a show, I have to archive it to use in Photoshow 6, and upload it to my photoshow sharing site. Hope this helps!
  8. gramma

    trouble making MP4 file

    Hello, I am a Premium member of photoshow on line, and in the past have been able to order mp4 files of my on line shows. Usually they are made without a problem, but this time I keep receiving email from Photoshow stating that there is a problem making the file, to contact Customer Service, which I did. I received no reply the first time I tried to contact Customer Service, but when I tried Chat, I received a reply, but it didn't solve the problem. This show was made using the multiple sound track feature, and when I downloaded it to my computer from on line, the show stalls during some of the music, and won't start back up. I don't know why this would affect the ability to make an mp4 file on line, as I have used my own mp3 files in photoshow before without problems ordering a video file on line. I usually create the show in Photoshow 5, then archive it, open it in Photoshow 6 desktop program, and upload it to my Photoshow page. Then I am able to order an mp4 file. The only other time I had problems was once I ordered a video file, but got only audio files, with a black screen instead of the video. Both shows are long, if that is a reason for the problem. the past problem show had over 100 photos, and this new one has a little over 200 photos. If anyone knows why I am having this trouble, or how to fix it, I would deeply appreciate it! Thanks.
  9. Hi, Maybe you already fixed this, but if you have photoshow 6 on your computer, you can download the show to your desktop program. Open Photoshow 6 desktop program, click the header that says "online". It is next to the word "file" in the menu bar. When you click that, the pull out menu will have the words "download my photoshow" at the bottom of the list. Click that, choose the show to download, and it will download to your desktop program.
  10. gramma

    Any Tutorials About The Photoshow?

    In Photoshow 5 (and probably 6) you can save the photoshow to a photoshow file that can be put onto a disk and imported to your new or other computer. Here's how: in the Make tab of the program, choose Archive. Choose to save it to a disk or hard drive. After the show is saved, if you save to the hard drive first, make sure you note the file path, or open that file. Then save the file to a disk. If the program is installed on the other computer, you can open it by clicking on the import button in the manage tab, and locate the show you wish to import, it should then import into the program. However, if you don't have the program installed on your hard drive, you can still save the show as a freestanding file, copy it to a disk, to watch on any computer. Good luck.
  11. gramma

    No Recieved Photoshows Button

    The same thing happened to me when I accepted the Roxio upgrade to my Photoshow 5 program. I suggest you reinstall the Photoshow 5 program if you have your original disk, and do not upgrade it when offered the chance!
  12. gramma

    A Question About A Download

    I think if you need to reinstall it, you will need a different key. I purchased my Photoshow 5 from Simple Star 2 years ago, and it worked fine until I had to reformat my hard drive, and reinstall all of my software. I reinstalled from the original disk, but the key code was changed. DO NOT download the "Photoshow 5" desktop version offered on the Roxio site. It doesn't have some of the features you are used to. Also, I don't recommend upgrading your version if it works correctly. The music offered by Roxio is different, and does not include some of the old tracks. In my case, it was disappointing since I lost some options I preferred to the newer ones. My old computer still runs the Roxio version 4 program fine, as just a desktop program. At least you can still play your old shows, and create new ones. I also recommend archiving the shows you've created, and saving your archived files to an external hard drive, just in case. I learned this the hard way.
  13. gramma

    Why Can't I See My Video Posted On The Website

    Hi, what speed internet do you have? That may be a factor. I noticed some times I have to restart a posted show several times before I see the video portion. It tends to stop before the video plays. One time I had a video as the first frame, and it only played the frame as a single photo. I had to re-add the video at the end of the show to have it play correctly. I have DSL internet connection.
  14. gramma

    Photoshow 5 Video Problems

    It is a disappointing aspect of this program that it only plays a short version of your video file. I found that out the hard way, too. It needs to be edited in a different program so that it is short, but has the part you especially wish to add to your show since it only plays the beginning of the video file.
  15. gramma

    Video/audio Not In Sync

    Hi, I know this is too late for your Grandpa, but I noticed that the music is out of sync in some posted shows in the Roxio program, and in the Roxio desktop program. It seems to happen when there are video clips, or a lot of music changes, or pictures. Sometimes I have to restart the show several times to get it to playback correctly. I have DSL internet, and think it may be due to my connection speed. I noticed that the mp4 plays correctly. If you are a premium member, order the free mp4, and forward the link email to your grandpa to download the mp4. It will play in the regular player that is included with windows, and the music will be as you originally intended. Good luck. Sorry I didn't see your post in time to help sooner.