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    explicitly convert transport stream?

    If this will help, I will tell you of my experiences. I have transferred .ts files from a Humax PVR to a pc. When I attempt to access the file in media manager the window freezes for about 30minutes (the file size is about 1.5GB) before I get a response which is usually a message to tell me the file needs transcoding. The help text does not tell you how to do this! I then tried to load the .ts file into video editor. Again I had to wait about 30min. Then I was told that the file needed converting to an editable format and a window had opened to allow me to accept a trancode. The file was then converted giving me a .mpeg file alongside the original .ts. The new .mpeg file is fully editable. Good luck.
  2. mrjcjones

    Media Manager hangs with mpeg files

    I have no other mpeg files to try now. I do not remember a prompt to activate mpeg. Can this be done retrospectively?
  3. I have downloaded a file from my Humax pvr and change the file extension from .ts to .mpeg. When I try to open the file in Media Manager for scene detection, or if I try to add the file to a Videowave project, Media Manager freezes. I currently use Roxio 9 and did not have this problem with Roxio 8 Any suggestions please?
  4. mrjcjones

    Video Editing - video and audio stuttering

    I'm glad you have had a positive experience with 9, unfortunately for me 9 is no better than 8
  5. When I used Roxio 8 I had bad stuttering effects both on audio and video during editing. This is still a problem with Roxio 9. Is there any advice on how to make the video editing run more smoothly? Computer: Dell Dimesion 8400, 3GHz processor, 1Gb memory, 250Gb hard disc Video Card Radeon X300/X550 latest driver.
  6. mrjcjones

    Media Import - Video Capture Not Working.

    I have the same problem, however this work-round works for me. Open the Roxio Media Import from the Roxio Home or your Start program list Click on either of the Photo or Audio buttons first. The window should stay open. From the Photo or Audio window click on the Video button. Now the Video window should stay open and you can use it. Good Luck.
  7. mrjcjones

    Encoding Stops At Dvd Menu Encoding

    To Grandpa Bruce (and I too will be a Grandpa by Sept): I don't know of any conflicts. I had to remove Sonic software when I installed Roxio 7 to ensure Roxio ran, but as they are now the same company I would have expected them to have resolved conflicts. To Myguggi: The CPU runs at 100% during the initial encoding but drops to zero when the menu is due to be encoded. If the CPU was inadequate, I would have expected the system to freeze with the CPU at 100% not at zero, or am reading the situation wrongly?
  8. mrjcjones

    Encoding Stops At Dvd Menu Encoding

    The file encodes fine on my Dimension 8400 using Roxio8 and previews on both computers on Videowave etc. so it's just a problem on the Inspiron510m.
  9. mrjcjones

    Encoding Stops At Dvd Menu Encoding

    I have tried the hotfix - please note that I never got the error message referred to. The result of applying the hotfix was that the menu screen image failed to load in DVD Creator and when I tried to load a project the program crashed with a runtime error. I restored back to remove this problem. More suggestions please.
  10. mrjcjones

    Encoding Stops At Dvd Menu Encoding

    Thank you for the reply. I have tried burning to an image file. Again the encoding stops after the movie has been encoded so the menu is not encoded. The cpu was operating at 100% during the movie encoding and fell to zero at the end. I take this to mean that the programme stopped. Roxio 8 has been uninstalled and reinstalled.
  11. mrjcjones

    Encoding Stops At Dvd Menu Encoding

    Using the NEC ND 6650A with Dell Inspiron 510M, encoding a DVD project reaches the stage where the menu should be encoded and then stops and hangs. The software is Roxio 8. The same software on my Dimesion 8400 with the Philips DVD8601 encodes and burns with no problem. The Dell firmware for the 6650A is version 102C. There does not appear to be a newer Dell OEM version. Advice eagerly awaited.
  12. On my Dell Dimension 8400, P4 3.0GHz 1Gb RAM, I can fully encode a DVD burn to disc. However, on my notebook, Dell Inspiron 51M, Celeron M 1.3GHz 512Kb RAM, the encoding gets as far as encoding the Menu then stops. The video project is the same in both cases. The Roxio software is the same. Can anyone suggest a solution for this, please?
  13. mrjcjones

    Music Files Do Not Burn To Cd

    Thanks for the replies. To make a CD I used the Roxio 8 Audio CD Maker. All the music tracks were listed in the Add Music window and then burnt to disc. Roxio reported the burn was successful. When the CD is opened in a filer window, there are the correct number of track icons there (i.e. Windows Media Player icons), but each is only 1KB in size. That is what I mean by no content: no music. Oddly all have a 1995 date associated with each of them.
  14. mrjcjones

    Music Files Do Not Burn To Cd

    Using a Dell Inspiron 500M laptop with a NEC DVD ND6500A read/writer, the audio cd appears to be created but the music files on the cd have no content. Roxio shows no errors and appears to have worked correctly. I suspect the problem is more to do with the NEC hardware/software and the discs used, but I would appreciate your comments.
  15. mrjcjones

    Label Creator: Writing In Text Boxes

    Thanks for all the helpful comments! Not taken personally at all.