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  1. I am recording HDTV content to .ts files with a Dreambox 800 HDR. Toast can open these files but cutting them using the EyeTV Editor is sluggish if not unusable and does not let me see content past the first hour. The same happens when exporting to some other format. I'd like to use divx, downscaling to 1366x720 for my TV but the AppleTV and the iPod export functions have the same issue: After a long time spent converting the result is great video, cut off at around 60 minutes. Of course the input file has somewhere between 90 and 150 minutes worth of movie recorded and works flawlessly on the Dreambox and any player software that is capable of reading the format. The output file usually is under 4 GB (<< 1GB for the iPod output) so that probably is not an issue. I am using Toast 9.02 on Mac OS X (tried both 10.5.4 and 10.4.11, same issue everywhere) and I'd love to be able to downscale the HD video in full length to view on other devices - what am I missing?