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    New Photo Show

    I used the Photo Show from Simple Star. Also to go on internet I went to photo show.com. Now I understand Simple Star sold it to Roxio. If I want to go on the internet the Roxio home page come with thieir supposedly new improved version of a photo show. I tried the new version and is much more inferior to the one that I had initialy from Simple Star. Did any one encounter the same problem. and if yes, what did you do? Thank you Gregory
  2. gregory ghica

    Music Preview

    I am using Photo Show Delux 5. Everything goes well untill I want to insert music from the "Special Ocasions" genre. Out of over 30 songs available I can preview only 2 or 3. I did a wedding and for the life of me I can not get the "wedding march" which is listed first on the "special ocasions genre" list. Can anyone help. I am using Window XP. Thank you. Gregory
  3. gregory ghica

    Music Preview

    I am trying to preview music on Special ocasion genre and I am able to preview only couple of songs from more than 30 available. Can anyone help? Thank you Gregory