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    "Roxio has stopped working" during Audio burn launch

    You want a gues......some sort of registry mess. Don't know if there are any registry cleaners for win 7 yet but this could be anything from a overwritten system file that is not compatible to an update to a conflict with something else you've got on the machine. I've found that even with the newer OS you simply have to strip it down and reinstall every second to third year or you start getting headaches just like this one.
  2. suemccartin

    If scene is totally dark, audio is choppy, repeatable issue

    Ok, what we're trying to burn is a bitorrent Terminator movie (yes of questionable legality) with no copy guard on it. It already has a sound track on it. The problem occuring is audio that cuts out during dark scenes when the movie is played on a standalone player, and before anyone suggests that the player has insufficient buffers, it does this on a fairly expensive and not too old panasonic jukebox player (with scandoubling tech) and a brand new vhs/dvd unit that was just bought at walmart in the last month. The file does not have the skipping audio issue when the files are played on the computer. I've tried playing the burned dvd's on a computer and they skip there too. I have tried burning normally, and creating an iso file and burning from that, the iso file actually seems a bit worse. There are a number of tv shows from the same source that work fine....We've made this movie with standard tv square box and 16:9 letterbox. I've read some things about changing audio setup in roxio but for for whatever reason all of that is grayed out...i.e. I have no choice of audio settings in roxio. I'm starting to wonder if the installation of BS player may have loaded up some incompatible codecs or somesuch, I have seen a few posts on the net about roxio having issues with some audio codecs. BS player installs ffdshow and a couple of other common codecs, on my second primarily burning machine I did get a message from ffdshow about roxio was not whitelisted with their codec controller. Would like to fix this (and no we aren't planning to be pirates or anything in case anyone is thinking that, this for our own non-commercial use).
  3. suemccartin

    If scene is totally dark, audio is choppy, repeatable issue

    I popped the new soundblaster xtreme pcie (yeah the cheapest one) in the system (needed the old pci slot for another card anyway so no loss really). I also shut off adaware and the antivirus (Avast...which is common on both systems as well..hmm should I try a different antivirus or rip this one off entirely?)....no change, same result, perhaps the skipping audio issue is a little less than before but not much. I'm starting to wonder if this could be some sort of codec issue. I saw a couple of posts online about issues with netframework...supposedly now resolved. I like roxio but this is just nuts about to go back to nero in desperation, I don't think I've ever seen this go on with that package (but the last version was such a mess, every update screwed it up not updated it). I have BS player (free) installed on the machine to play all the wildest file formats, it downloads ffdshow and a couple of other sound codecs..........beginning to wonder if the audio codecs installed might be some of the issue.......... Is anyone else that isn't having the skipping issue running ffdshow or have bs player installed (which presumably would have downloaded ffdshow at some point). Where can i find a list of audio codecs installed....tell me I'll list them here for comparison reasons.
  4. suemccartin

    If scene is totally dark, audio is choppy, repeatable issue

    1. Yes, all audio and video drivers are up to date on both systems, as well as all windows updates. 2. On the main desktop I might check my email or surf a little during a burn but nothing more intensive than that. The second machine was built specifically to run roxio and burn dvd's so I can use my main box for gaming etc. I think bitorrent may be running on that Burning Box but I have tried shutting that down..... Someone in here suggested perhaps antivirus causing issue, shut that down, I've also got "adaware" running (free one on second machine, paid one on desktop) and have tried shutting that down as well--no change. 3. I'm not mixing separate audio and video, these are home movies taken off a camcorder or other wise movies that already have audio tracks on them. Not adding any text other than the menu, maybe I should try burning a dvd with no menu to see what happens? I have two somewhat new standalone DVD players, one is an off-brand region hacked machine and the second one is a nice (somewhat expensive) Panasonic jukebox player with the scan doubler function for playing standard dvds on a newer flat panel (and for the life of me I can't remember what they call that function). The Panasonic is also pretty new, have no problems playing commercial dvd's at all. I might buy what someone said about the player not having the buffers to have the information except that a lot of the older movies (with similar fps, audio formats etc.) I've burned play perfectly, just not new stuff on the same players! Well the fact that you don't have this on vista 64 is reassuring because xp64 is the younger cousin of your os. The 2010 Roxio takes advantage of some functions in the ATI card that improve rendering speed, I've tried turning that on and off also...no change. I just ordered another sound card, it's about the only thing other than the OS that both systems have in common. I think I may try putting roxio on my last machine still running xp 32 bit to see if it occurs there too. That machine is using the built in sound on a socket 939 motherboard. I'm also in the process of rebuilding an ancient socket 754 system but that one is also on xp64, but not AM2 or 3 which are really quite similar in many ways even if the one is a phenom. I'm hoping the different sound card may be the issue, guess I could also pop out the soundblaster on one box and turn on the onboard sound...just grasping at straws here now but this mess ruins my movies and if I want to sell anything this problem must get cured because no one will buy work with issues like this. It's very weird, doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason. I've tried looking at the stats of the problem files don't see any obvious differences in the fps or the size of the frame or the audio version or any such thing as that.....i.e. they're all over the place, I don't see anything consistent in the movies that are a problem vs. the ones that aren't. Personally, I think microsoft broke something since it didn't happen till about year ago and now it does. Aggh keep swapping and experimenting. My friend has a AM3 with xp32 on it for compatibility with software reasons, I didn't think about trying a burn on his machine when I was up there, may take that file along on a thumb drive and see if it happens on his box too. Lastly, I'm not creating the dark panel, it's part of the movie, i.e. the camera already put in the fades or it was already otherwise in the movie. This is a complete movie I'm having issues with, not something I created or edited myself. One last thing, I tried shutting off indexing on the drive(s) just in case maybe that had anything to do with it; no change.
  5. suemccartin

    Audio And Video Stop At 60%

    I don't know if this applies to your case or not but I had problems with burning anything as long as the box concerning making a reusable ISO field was checked. As soon as I disabled that I could burn again, there was tons of space on the drive so that isn't it, I had created a named iso for each one I had made, problem is after only two I started having the freezing and never completing issue just like you did, and mine stopped at 70% too, most likely when it's getting ready to save files and start up the burner. Try it, see if it works...good luck. But I've also got one file that mysteriously will not render although it plays perfectly on the same computer and I don't believe there's any sort of copy guard or encryption on it, I've tried different copies and I even tried running it through one of those video file fixer things and it still will not go anyplace. The two other files on there are fine but it's just this one #$^@ file driving me bonkers. Could freezes have anything to do with file headers? In past experience some sort of corruption in the file header of many sorts of things can cause all sorts of havoc but I'd hope one of those fixer programs would correct such as that.
  6. suemccartin

    File Won't Render

    I don't have the problem of the program can't see the drive but I do have one file that simply will not render. I have no clue why, all the others made at similar times work fine. I thought perhaps the file had errors on it, ran it through a fix program that found nothing wrong. I know it's the file because if I try to burn others they work fine, I even tried recreating the file, still no luck, it starts normally, gets to 6% and freezes, I'm tempted to try the burn on creator ten to see if it does this too, but I've been having issues with ten for awhile, I suspect my desktop needs to be totally reloaded, haven't gotten to that yet.
  7. I've got a sudden issue. I don't remember this happening before recently so I can only believe the issue has to do with a MS update. On movies with dark screens and music, the audio cuts in and out to an annoying degree. I also saw this in creator ten, I was hoping that 2010 would have corrected the problem but apparently not. The issue happens on two different computers, only things in common on both machines are the same xp64 bit os, both burners are sata and made by asus and both have similiar models of soundblaster pci video cards(two different cpu's, different sound cards but both soundblaster). I've made tons of movie disks with creater ten, never had that issue, I can only guess some microsoft fix that broke something else. I saw a suggestion to turn off antivirus, tried that, didn't help. Saw another suggestion to change audio settings? On neither machine do a I get a choice of audio settings. Most movies that skip on either of my two standalones don't also skip when played on the pc. I tried another suggest to burn off a iso image, that one is worse, it also skips on the pc not on just the standalone players. Some theorize the standalone players don't have enough buffer space, well shouldn't roxio be smart enough to deal with that knowing that many of the projects created with 2010 will be played on a standalone player. At my wits end? any ideas?
  8. suemccartin

    If scene is totally dark, audio is choppy, repeatable issue

    More information, I was hoping that upgrading to Roxio Creator Pro 2010 would help with the choppy audio issue, in some ways it actually seems to be worse! Both computers run XP64 bit OS. The 2nd machine has been upgraded with a Phenom XII 3.0 gig cpu but is otherwise the same machine that creator 10 was running on. Before the beginning of the movie was the only place the choppy audio was occuring, now it's happening anywhere in the movie where there is white text on a black background. I believe that something microsoft upgraded at some point since the release of creator 10 is creating this issue. Xp 64 is not the most widely used Operating system but if roxio is going to claim support for that OS they need to fix this issue.
  9. I've had roxio 10 for awhile. I don't remember this problem occuring until recently (i.e. the last year). I have tried installing the package on two different computers and the same problem occurs on each system. I have also tried four or five different movies and the problem occurs on each and every burn. The puzzling part is that when the dvd is previewed, the sections with the choppy audio play perfectly, but when burned, the audio is choppy on ANY totally black scene in the movie (and yes I've tried the same disc on several players...all the same). I have several movies to burn that have black backgrounds with white text and music playing in the background, those beginning parts of each movie always have choppy audio, once the actual movie begins (i.e. background is not black anymore) then the problem goes away until the next black background in the course of the movie. This is annoying and I don't remember this issue until recently. Both systems are AMD machines, two different brands of motherboard, one is AM2+ and the other now has an AM3 phenom dual core cpu in it. Both machines have 4 gig of ram and plenty of hard drive space (and I did try purging the cache several times). Both systems have in common a soundblaster audigy sound card (yeah it's old but it works and sounds great so I'm not ditching them if I don't have to). Each system has different video cards. My desktop has sli dual video (Nvidia), Roxio has never been able to hardware render on that machine, only software (why?). The other system started out with another Nvidia card but I recently upgraded to a Saphire ATI radeon 7770(?) video card with 1 meg ram and it can now hardware render (card is crossfire ready but that system has only one pcie x16 slot). I've tried defragging the hard disk on both machines. As I said, both systems have the same issue. I'm sort of thinking maybe the sound cards may have something to do with this issue since they are similar models. OS=XP 64 bit professional (based on server 2003), predecessor to vista (yuck) AMD processors Gigabyte motherboard and foxconn made motherboard AM2+ and AM3 phenom x2 processor Nvidia 9200 video cards, ATI Radeon 7770, video card Soundblaster Live Any ideas?
  10. suemccartin

    Error encoding menu....happens quite a lot

    I defragged the C: drive (main os and where roxio is loaded) and used diskkeeper to defrag the paging file and mft (xp pro 64 bit). Just tried to burn one of the trouble files and bingo it went all the way through. Currently trying to burn another one that's been giving me fits. So maybe that's at least a part of the answer, roxio doesn't like itself fragmented or maybe whatever cache files it's using during the rendering also need to be relatively contiguous. Hope this helps somebody else.
  11. I've been having this error on and off for awhile. I read someplace that old video drivers can cause the "error encoding menu" problem so I'm pretty diligent about updating those or looking for updates at least once per month. Burns that have successfully completed in the past are suddenly getting this error. I've got one burn that worked right once and will not burn again. I build machines so I understand all about how microsoft breaks stuff with patches and how other programs may overwrite important system files that roxio may use but come on guys...80 bucks is a pretty big wad to me...don't they ever really patch/update their software? Yes, I already updated to the 1226 version on the web site, yes I already looked for firmware updates for my burner(s). I have a internal unit and a firewire HP external unit, both have the same issue although the HP external seems to have less problems with this than the internal drive. I'm in the process of defragging my main drive right this second, I hope that turns out to be some or all of this. I am already using software rendering instead of hardware rendering. Is there a list of video cards someplace that identifies which cards work correctly with hardware rendering? Basically roxio 10 has served me pretty well with few exceptions this being one of the more annoying ones. I searched the forums really only found 4 posts about error encoding menu, it's pretty annoying to let something run for hours to have it crap out at the end. A friend of mine just got the sony setup, if his works better it's about to be goodbye roxio hello sony. I've had roxio for awhile, first exposure was with a tv tuner I bought years agao, they never updated or supported that one either but at least for the time being I've had less issues with roxio than nero (which is a shame because nero used to be excellent). Other than switching to software rendering, trying different disks and maybe different drives are their other suggestions for troubleshooting this? I'm about to reload my os anyway for other issues (menu bar missing from file windows) but I'd kinda like to get this going now. Hardware AMD AM2 3.0 gig cpu 4 gig ddr2 large c: drive, good amount of space free nvidia 9800 video cards (2 in sli mode) hp external 8x firewire burner internal ASUS sata burner Lots of other software, is there a list anyplace that lists software known to cause issues with roxio? I know it can't exist with nero (or at least it didn't used to be able to) and it's completely out. I regularly use a registry cleaner so I'm confident it "shouldn't" be that. I'm in the process of defragging my main drive, I've seen many issues caused by fragmented program files, crossing my fingers that's all it is............. And yes I'm sure I've got the latest video card drivers.
  12. suemccartin

    burned DVD won't play in DVD players

    If the dvd player is older and not specifically made to handle "burns" then lookup on the internet whether there is compatibility...there are a ton of sites with lists concerning the issue, some older units will play dvd+r burns but not dvd-r burns or vice versa etc. If the player is burn compatible try a different brand of disks and make sure it's "finalizing" the disk. Unfinalized disks may play in a computer but won't in a standalone even if it's able to accept burns. I have usually pretty good luck with HP dvds and TDK's I bought a pile of when they were on sale also seem pretty good. Good luck.
  13. suemccartin

    Can't Seem To Record Audio Under Xp 64bit Os

    Ok I think I've found most of the settings you all referred to, they all "seem" fine. I have recorded audio on this system in the past with the same sound card but I had to reload my os and now I'm having this problem. Not sure but I think I also recorded audio with the microsoft plus package that I've had for awhile and not Roxio. I downloaded soundblaster's recording package it doesn't seem to be able to get any audio either, I think I may have the plug in the line in and not the microphone but I could swear there's a microphone icon printed below the input. The card says audigy 2 on it but I could swear that when I bought it the box said audigy 2 mp3, I think the driver's are all the same. I've been out researching on the net and I'm getting hits with problems recording under xp so I'm starting to wonder if I might be missing a system file someplace or somesuch and I also read MS has done some things to disable some types of recording because of whining about piracy...agggh. If I can hear the audio through the speakers it should not be an input or a cable problem I've found the section to select recording sources....they are checked. Just getting aggravated here.
  14. I've had roxio ten for awhile, mostly I use it for dvd burning. I don't know what it is about this package but every time MS releases a patch I seem to have problems with it and have to rip it out and reinstall it, drives me nuts. After fighting with the website refusing to send me a password or recognize my account I set up a gmail account because for whatever reason roxio won't send my password reset to a roadrunner account (tampabay.rr.com) and don't tell me to check my spam folder because I did and it wasn't there...i hope roxio fixes this. After setting up the gmail it let me register that way and is smart enough to ask for the cd key to associate with the account...yeah that problem solved got the latest update for roxio ten and now the dvd stuff running again....yeah. I have never tried recording from an audio source under roxio, I used microsoft's multimedia add in for that in the past but that disk is currently hiding from me so I am trying to get the roxio to work. It sees the inputs apparently and the sound is playing over the speakers but whenever I try to play back the audio file there's nothing there....i.e. silence. I've tried selecting both the microphone and the "what you hear" option neither works. I tried playing the file with windows media player and there is nothing there either so I'd say I truly am recording silence. I've checked to make sure the microphone input isn't muted (it isn't because like I said the sound plays over the speakers) and I've looked around for other things tried different file formats etc. all I get is silence when I try to record. What could I be doing wrong? Foxconn AMD AM2 nvidia 590 sli motherboard Soundblaster Audigy 2 soundcard 4 gig ram, lots of hard disk space xp 64 bit professional os As far as I know I've got all the latest drivers on everything, I'm not sure but I think this card may have a separate line in but I don't know which plug it is, thanks for any help.
  15. suemccartin

    LP/Cassette Transfer

    You need to check the player book to see if it says it supports cdr disks written on your computer. The commercial cd's use a slightly different tech and thus sometimes the ones burned on your system don't work if the player isn't designed for that. I have found that certain brands of cdr work better in an older player not designed for the computer made cdrs and I've also found if I burn at a very low speed....i.e. 8x that those often work better...so...get a good brand of disks not cheapo sale disks and experiment with burning at as slow a speed as you can stand to wait for...that's my experience. I've got a really old stereo with a four tray jukebox on it that came out before computer burned cds and if I use a good brand like Sony and burn at 4x-8x it plays almost everything I put in it.