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    Roxio Support

    thanks 'eh"..maybe you can let the folks at telephone support know, that there IS a pdf manual. All the same, thanks for taking the time.
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    Roxio Support

    Is it just me, or is the support for roxio 8, somewhere between dismal and horrible. Why they would not include, even a pdf file, is amazing. When you call roxio, they advise you to use the help file???!!!! the disappearing text or song list is a lot of fun. Please guys, write a GD manual!
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    hello, like a few of you, I really miss plantinum 5, but time marches on. With roxio V8, is there not an option to add the cut lines? When you print the labels for the disc, there is a front label, a 2 page booklet and a back label. Is it possible to have the songs show up in the middle page, like it used to in V5? Also, what are we supposed to do with this 2 page booklet in the middle of the jewel box? one side is facing towards the inside, one side is facing out, to be read! Huh? It is wierd, that I have to order roxio 8 for dummies, after using V5 for years. any help would be appreciated.