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  1. Has any one had this issue and is there a fix, patch?
  2. Helplessuser

    Editing Videos With Photoshow 5

    I ran into this only one time on an older photoshow. I created a file containing the original video and added it to my pictures, went to manage photoshow and went to bottom of photoshow to add more pictures, added the file and was able to edit from the orignal. I know it is a pain but I was able to salvage a hard work ps. Hope this helps.
  3. Helplessuser

    New Photoshow Software Offered

    I have not been on the forum in a while but I happen to catch this post. I am due to renew my account at the end of February and I have PS5. I have been reading about the new service. 1 song per photo show, PS5 allows numerous songs, etc. Help me make a decision, can I keep PS5 as is or do I have to up grade. Help me Patty, you always seem so knowledgeable.
  4. Helplessuser

    PhotoShow 5 shuts down unexpectedly

    Maybe I have figured it out, see post Photoshow 5 problems. ????????
  5. Helplessuser

    Photoshow 5 Problems

    Alrighty then, part two, I deleted trendmicro, installed mcafee. Reinstalled photoshow 5, I did lose all photoshows, Opened mcafee allowed photoshow in and out access and I found macromedia was restricted as well and allowed it as well. Double checked windows and photoshow is allowed. Tried to down load photoshows from my site and SUCCESS. Now we will see how long it will last. Is it possible that the firewall and virus protection sensed something wrong with the downloads and possibly would not allow the program to open? I hope this stays, cause I love my PS. and it did last on the new computer for about 40 days without incident. I cant remember if I loaded from the site or transferred old PSs from my laptop. hope this helps some folks.
  6. Helplessuser

    Photoshow 5 Problems

    I find that the problem happens after I download the photoshows from my roxio site. I have a brand new computer, Lenovo desktop, vista premium worked great for about two months. I uninstalled, lost all photoshows, tried to download several photoshows from my site and "unexpected error" comes again. When I uninstall, reinstall and stay away from roxio site PS5 works great. I want my Photoshows back! Was using trend micro, free with computer, thought that may have been it. Finally got rid of trendmicro, use mcaffee now. support suggested to open all firewalls and virus protect, no work. support suggested new user with admin priviledge, no work, went to chat left work early, chat repeated what I had already done, then chat suggested deleting ps5 then new user, work fine for 3 days until I tried to reload from my roxio site, "unexpected error" note the ps did take a long time to download and I cancelled the load, went to restart PS5 "unexpected error" Photoshow has been working on my laptop, downloads do not crash the PS5 but will not load and video clips. Did roxio put a bug in their site?
  7. Still cant download received pshows. It is not my computers. Where is the fix. I am reading a lot of upset posts. Support was a joke. I hope this is not an indication of what I will have to pay for. I have to start researching other photo programs to see if I can get something that worked as well as Simplestar PS. Wiped out my photoshows because of suggestion to delete ps4 and now I want to get them back on my computers.