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  1. I just noticed that if you let Toast handle the menu automatic and have more then 12 clips / items it naturally will create a third menu, Trying to navigate is correct mostly, just not the arrow "back" to previous menu......very frustrating. You can navigate forward and back, but you can´t acess before the first item in the menu.. So starting up in meni 1, cool, forward to manu 2, cool, forward to menu 3, cool, back to menu 2.......ooops!! can´t be done! Since I have no control of the menus, have I missed something here??? I hope that I have misunderstand something basic here, otherwise it has to be Toast that need a oversight.....
  2. Ok, so then sharp is NOT one of " any desktop dvd player"....thanks for your reply, I have today visit a store and forced them to test my disc ( with a promise to buy that one it could play it), and the Sony BDP-S500 did the trick. Even the cheaper model that has the spec to play BDMV could NOT play the disc. We did try some others like Pioneer, Samsung and that´s funny...they all are in the list of not working.... The ONLY ONE in that shop that could play this disc was the Sony BDP-S500! So,it should be mentioned that " some desktop players" rather then "any", if I would sell Toast BD/HDDVD plug to anyone... It looks like garbage, but it did play the disc. The settings and maybe encoding setting to discover will be the next step. Still happy and hopeful I now can actually make BD-R disc with proper quality and be happy! Maybe this is useful info for people struggling with the, little odd term "create Blu-ray discs that can be played on any standard Blu-ray set top box or Playstation3 game console". It seems that we customers have to make expensive expriments before you got what you pay for, either it is Toast faults or the producers of the players
  3. After the latest firmware from sharp, still Toast CAN NOT produce Bluray Video that can be played on this Sharp Aquos BD-HP20 desktop player. I am on region B ( europe/Sweden) I think that it is a issue when Toast BD/HDVD plug is : " "create Blu-ray discs that can be played on any standard Blu-ray set top box or Playstation3 game console" What more players are not to be in the list of " any standard players" ????
  4. Great, I will check out my disc on a Video/TV store and check if it is my disc ( maxell BD-R) , Can it play this samsung, then I know it is my Sharp and not Toast that make this a issue!! Thanks!!
  5. I assume that other users of Toast CAN play on their desktop bluray players, I hope that I am one of the few that have problems, since Toast is sold by this statement - "create Blu-ray discs that can be played on any standard Blu-ray set top box or Playstation3 game console" I will test it with a PS3 as soon I have the option, if it work then, I´m back on step again with firmware and all this I really don´t want to mess with. I on Mac for a reason, like to use my apps, don´t spend time with get i working as most of my windows user are....... But thanks for you reply Any one that have success with a "lowbudget" bluray destop player??
  6. Thanks, I will try to find some deeper info from sharp ( and Sony )
  7. Yes, i did find a link to some german sharp site a file called : HP20E112_BD105.RVP But in that list some poeple said that also change the region code as well ....scary maybe. Since I live in Sweden I need my region setting untouched. I just tested the same disc in a Sony BDP-S300 that my friend have, same result,,,, will not play.
  8. Hi and my first post here.I been using Toast many years now, always satisfied with the apps. Today I upgraded tot 9 and BD plug and have a LG burner and happy to see my first BD-R working on desktop players. Since you still not can play Bluray on Mac´s, but Toast is: "create Blu-ray discs that can be played on any standard Blu-ray set top box or Playstation3 game console" Well on the Sharp Sharp Aquos BD-HP20 will not play toast burned BD-R or BD-RE ( that suppose to be supported by the player) Toast works great with the LG burner, the app is giving me no problems, just that I cant watch my discs on my desktop player.... Any help or ideas will be welcome!!