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  1. Hi,


    Is there any way to edit the end credits on my Photoshow, without changing the title at the start?


    Also, I joined several mp3 tracks together top create my soundtrack, but at the end of my Photoshow it only shows the title of the first track in the credits. Is there any way to add the others?





    I lost my scrollng credits (... when I went online they disappeared and a web version appeared. MP3 cannot go online anyway.)

    Software looks for the first of the songs in a file.

    You can do screen scrapes and make your own credit pages.

    Use Word or some editor for the wording and use a color background or photo watermark.

    Then capture the area you want to a jpg. Then import it into your album.


  2. Using Photoshow 5...I am unable to delete some photos from the photoshow. In "View A;;", the phot appears asd a camera. When I click on it, I see the actual photo on the bottom left. When I click tha I want it to go to trash, it won't delete it and it tells me I have an errror and the program shuts down. I have several photos in one show that I can't delete, or move to another location in the show. Any ideas? Thnx


    Sorry, that was "in View All" mode. I've also tried deleting it when editing the pix, the same result!


    I have the same problem


    my solution is to use a transition that uses no timeing and to display the duplicate as short a time as possible. Very embarassing problem.

    tired of watching for duplidcate photos...

  3. Moves albums for you


    Comcast to Roxio conversion--The process automatically moves photo shows for you after paying for a subscription to Roxio


    I have 100 albums created using Comcast Photoshow Vista vers 4 by simplestar.

    I have 30 albums created using Roxio destop version 5 and 6 by Simplestar.


    I do not want to use Roxio Online becauses it corrupts the older Simplestar photo show when it edits it.

    However, if I pay half price, I can get them to move over all my shows to a Roxio account for me.

    This would be worth the price. However, will they still be compatible with Roxio desktop?


    Will they download to my PC or will they just be online?

    Who do I talk to about this?


    I also understand that registration is a problem since my 2 e-mails addresses are involved.

  4. What is the difference between: Comcast xp version of Photoshow and Nero Photoshow 5 and Roxio Photoshow 5


    I produced 100 shows usisng comcast with XP and but was not able to burn my own dvd

    So I bought Nero and was very happy burning my own dvds

    now Roxio owns simplestar and I cannot get any shows to post to the web Circle of shows.


    can there be internal password problems between the 2-3 vendors accounts?????


    I cannot upload any shows to the circle under comcast or roxio