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    Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard

    Has Roxio made any progress in writing the updater to make Toast 9 more or less compatible with Snow Leopard? I want to instal SL but not before I can have more confidence that Roxio will make good on its promise.
  2. alangcox

    Folder Order on a Data Disc

    I was too optimistic. The CD which worked a treat on my Mac (the 'index.html' icon opening the way to the whole website on the CD) did no such thing on a Windows PC where it just opened the text on that page and nothing else - no links, banners, menu, no nothing. So may I restate my problem? I have a problem with making a CD archive of aspects of my family including biographies, transcripts of newspaper articles and photo albums in abundance. The biographies and photos are in the form of a website made using Freeway Express and the Site Folder this creates is easy to burn to a CD (along with the transcripts which I store in a separate Folder). Thus the CD contains a Folder containing a Website folder and a Transcripts folder. The website folder can be opened and the index.html File found amidst all the other Files and Folders. What I would really like is a separate icon on the main Folder which, when clicked, would open directly the index.html page of the website and hence act as an easy ‘doorway’ to the contents of the website both on a Mac and a PC. I have tried all sorts of tricks but remain defeated. HELP! Alan Cox
  3. alangcox

    Folder Order on a Data Disc

    Many thanks easternherpe - it worked! I made a hybrid data disc having put the folder of the web site onto the 'data area' and unchecked all the files and folders in both the Mac and PC columns EXCEPT the index.html one. I ended up with a disc with one icon only: the index.html one. It looked a bit forlorn but I clicked it and was instantly into the opening page of the site and thence to the whole of the web site. Wonderful. I'll have to get it checked on a PC but I imagine it will work (ever optimistic). I don't know about the 'code' - I use Freeway Express which is just great for this old dodderer who couldn't learn code for a trillion dollars - or euros. Thanks again - always learning. Alan Cox Swanage, UK I just tried the disc again dragging the index.html icon onto my icon of Internet Explorer - Mac version (which I use only to 'preview' my site edited in Freeway Express). It worked there too - ie. I got into the whole website. Alan Cox :-)))
  4. alangcox

    Folder Order on a Data Disc

    Well worth a try to see if all the data are burned (?burnt) but invisible. I'll give it a go. Thanks. Alan Cox
  5. alangcox

    Folder Order on a Data Disc

    If I knew how, I would! Any guidance would be very much appreciated because i have tried a number of 'tricks' and none of them have worked so far. Alan Cox I enjoyed that answer and will post it in my local Mac Users Group Discussion forum, if that's OK. I take it that I'm stuck with the problem? Alan Cox
  6. alangcox

    Folder Order on a Data Disc

    Using a Mac (OS 10.4.6) and Toast 7 Titanium, I have made a Mac/PC hybrid CD of a Folder containing Folders and .html files. When I view it on a Mac, the Files and Folders appear in the order in the original Folder - which is what I want. However, when viewed on a Windows PC, the order has changed to Folders first (in alphabetical order) and then the .html Files. Is this to be expected? And, if so is there any way of making at least one of the Files appear on the top before all the other Folders and Files? The aim is a web site on a CD and I want the index.html file first. Alternatively, is there a trick for putting something in the holding Folder but outside the web site Folder which people can use to get to the index.html page? (The holding Foder has separate material in it). Alan Cox
  7. alangcox

    Dvd Themes

    Jeepers - thanks everyone. There's enough there to keep me going for quite a time. Alan Cox UK
  8. alangcox

    Dvd Themes

    I have just installed TOAST 7.0.2 and am horrified by the garish DVD themes on offer, and the 'extras' one can buy from Roxio are equally awful. Does any one know how to get or create a simple background to a menu? it's dead easy in iDVD. Alan Cox UK