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    Roxio Wants More Money!

    Hi David from Roxio, Unfortunately you did not reply to my post. I am very upset because I keep on getting notifications from Roxio that they will disable my sites in 48 hours!!!!! I paid my $40 annual premium as soon as I got the notice on my one email account. But Photoshop allowed me to create three different download sites from my one account. Each uses a different email address. WILL THOSE ALBUMS be eliminated because you do not recognize that they are not linked to my account??? I put in a request for information on Roxio support more than two weeks ago. I received no answer and I keep getting these scary email. PLEASE can you help??? I just don't know where to turn anymore. I am sure other people are having the same problem.
  2. I purchased the Simple Star Photoshow software when it first came out years ago. I currently have Version 5. I have three different sites where my photo shows are stored, under three different email log ins. SimpleStar allowed one to do that. It was convenient as I have a site for business photo shows, family shows, and travel shows. There are some extremely precious PhotoShows up on those sites, and I want to preserve them! When I first got my notice two weeks ago, I promptly paid my $40. For all those wondering about this fee, I just assume it is the fee they charge to keep those individual web site links operational. I am happy to pay $40 annually for this, but I am NOT HAPPY about the lack of response from Roxio. Roxio has to have the worst customer service imaginable. My software was purchased under one email address, and now they are sending notices to my other two addresses under which I built sites saying they are going to remove my Albums unless I pay up. I wrote three emails ten days ago and still haven't gotten a response. Has anyone had any luck with the paid service, or does anyone know if one can keep the multiple sites? I'd be willing to pay a few bucks just for some peace of mind. PhotoShow is an amazing program and probably the best out there, but unless Roxio does some serious customer service support, there customers are going to drop like flies. Thanks so anyone who can help answer this question. Gianna