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  1. This post was originally started as Classic Creator 2012 will not open. First off, I'm sorry I misled some of you with the mix-up in the name of the program I am trying to open; therefore I am starting another request. The first computer this was installed on (a Windows XP machine) had no problems with the program. When that computer crashed and I installed it on another XP computer it installed without errors but would not open Creator Classic 12. Roxio Creator 2010 does open but we prefer using Creator Classic 12 as we do not have far less problem burning a CD or DVD with it as we do Roxio Creator 2010. It is Creator Classic 12 and WAS originally installed from the roxio creator 2010 CD below. (see attached file for accompanying graphic) This morning I uninstalled every program connected with the roxio creator 2010 CD from the XP computer that is having the problem. I removed all references to Roxio form the Registries of all the users on the computer, completely shut the computer down and then re-installed Roxio 2010. Below is what installed. As installed from the above CD (this same CD was used to install the program on the previous XP machine, Creator Classic 12 worked on that computer) (see attached file for accompanying graphics) Resulting file size, etc is the same on this XP computer as what is installed on another computer, it works just fine on other computer. Other computer installation. Please see the attached file for actual graphics. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate hearing them. Thank you. Roxio-Classic Creator 12.doc
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    Classic Creator12 Will Not Open

    Sorry - that Creator "Classic" 2012
  3. Carol-CEI

    Classic Creator12 Will Not Open

    The previous computer was Windows XP and the current computer is Windows XP. Also, "Classic" Creator 2012 is a program on the Roxio Creator 2010 CD.
  4. I installed Classic Creator 2012 from the Roxio Creator 2010 disc on a newer computer after the previous computer crashed. The current (and previous) computer used Windows XP. I had no problems with the program on the old computer but it will not open on the current computer. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it still will not open. Any suggestions?
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    Recorded Time

    Additional info: Since this happens with LG GSA E40L and LG GSD E60L writers, but not with the CD writer installed in my pc, I checked with LG this morning. They seem to think it may a compatibility problem between the older version of EMC and the writer?
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    Recorded Time

    I am using Classic Creator and the computer is set to the correct time and time zone.
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    Recorded Time

    I am using Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 and have recently discovered a problem. When listing the contents of a CD or DVD the modified time shown is 6 hours earlier than when the data was actually written to the CD/DVD. How can I correct this so that when I access the media at a later date it will show the actual time of day that the data was written to the CD/DVD? Some times the actual time is important.