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  1. I lost my internet connection after installing Easy Creator Pro 2012, did check with isp and everything was working on their end. Called Roxio Tech and did all the usual things with router Restored back to EasyCreator 2011 and internet works. Tried installing Easy Creator 2012 and installation worked fine, but no internet connection. Tech replies after problem was solved "As per our conversation, I understand that you have an issue with internet connection. You said you have this issue after installing Creator 2012. I informed you that Creator 2012 does not cause any internet problem, but you said it happened only after installing Creator 2012. So, we tried all troubleshooting steps to get back your internet connection and you finally got the connection by uninstalling and reinstalling the driver." I uninstalled the network adapter and of course windows 7 found it and internet connection was established so if this happens to you, you might try this. The second problem was after Sonic Fire Pro 5 was installed and i got this message "The SmartSound Database could not be opened properly" Go here and d/l the two files and follow the directions and it worked for me http://www.smartsound.com/support/link.php?id=279
  2. isfink

    Sonicfire Pro5 Will Not Open

    Try this solution http://www.smartsound.com/support/link.php?id=279
  3. isfink

    Changing Fonts

    I was using easy media creator 8 & 9 in windows xp(Both coexisted without any problems that i could detect) and in label creator 8 & 9 i was able to change the font from arial to whatever that was available. I recently installed Vista 32 bit ultimate and now i can only select the arial font and when the other fonts become visible and i try clicking on them i am immediately returned to my desktop and this happen both in 8 and 9. Suggestions, Solutions? Solved the problem and this will work for 9, but i couldn't get it to work for 8 Click add at top of menu in label creator and then add text box which will show new text, change it to your title, size, etc.. Paste where you want it and then you may change from arial font to whatever is available on your system. If making a dvd case and you want the title of the movie to appear sideways, right click on text box and rotate left.
  4. isfink

    Cd Text On Hp Dvd 740i

    I too have the same problem with HP740b, but not with the 640 which worked perfectly. Yes all firmwares and software are up to date and the check box is marked for Cd-text end up with this track 01 track 02 etc... Also running Nero and writes CD-text with the 740b perfectly. Play in cdplayer or in the car-see track01 etc..