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  1. redhead2ks

    Em Creator 10 Suite Won't Open

    Thanks Thats what I did, didn't set up the printer. Redhead
  2. redhead2ks

    Printer Problem

    The paper is set on CD/DVD as I am trying to print directly on the printable disk.
  3. redhead2ks

    Printer Problem

    I have an epson stylus R200 and it is listed in the EMC 10 printer list to print on a cd. When I create a label in lable maker and try to print it to the disk it prints way down and very little on the lower right of the disk. When I look at it in my printers print view it shows up on the wrong side of the disk likes its printing on a regular sheet label. I need help on where & what settings I need to print on the disk. Thanks, Redhead
  4. redhead2ks

    Em Creator 10 Suite Won't Open

    When I close EM Creator 10 I can't reopen it. If I go into Task Manager it shows that the file Roxio_Central36.exe is still running. If I remove that file from the Task Manager then try to reopen EM Creator 10 it will work. Why doesn't the EM Creator close all when I close it?