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  1. I have accessed MY DVD window. I have changed the menu audio and background. I have added an INTRO MOVIE and 3 more movies - (1) is an INTRO MOVIE which I am using as a temporary movie, as an exercise; (2) is another INTRO MOVIE for the same purpose and (3) is the EXIT MUSIC for the FEATURE MOVIE which will run for 2hr 50mins. I click on the PREVIEW PROJECT button. The VIRTUAL DVD REMOTE appears, together with the menu. The menu audio plays. I then move to the desired movie, using the arrow buttons and then click on the highlighted button, exactly as I would when watching a DVD. The menu disappears but the movie(s) will not play. Why is this, and what should I do to rectify the problem? Hope someone can help. Mike.
  2. Mike.

    Virtual Dvd Controller On Emc9

    When I have created a menu, an Intro Movie, a Menu audio, changed menu background and added two short videos, I click on the "Preview Project" button and bring up the virtual DVD remote. Whether I click on "menu" or "intro", the "Controller" will not go to the menu although I can see it as soon as I click on "Preview Project". Any ideas as to why this should be? Yours, Mike.
  3. MY DVD MENU WINDOW How do I get four videos to play one after the other as though they were one? How do I play one or more of them individually so that a viewer can select one or more of the four.
  4. I can captue audio beautifully on EMC9, using "Soundmax Digital Audio" device, but cannot open it to use with EMC10. I have to record on to another program and then import it. Also, I am laying Narration tracks on to a video, but when I play the video, sometimes a word has a syllable missing. I first record on to a Mini-CD using an anechoic chamber to deaden any acoustic, then raise the pitch of my voice by a semitone (musical term for "from one note to the next"), and then pass it through a bandpass filter to remove any bass, thus making it sound as if I am in the open air talking on camera. Do I need to alter the bit-rate? If so, in which direction and by how much? Hope someone can help. Yours ever, Mike (Cooke)