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  1. My display res is 1280 x 1024, and I have Windows display DPI settings of 125% of normal to 120 dpi. (Display properties, settings, advanced - because that's the way I like it in Win XP SP3 with my sorry eyeballs). Even if I set my screen dpi normal 96dpi, The EMC-10 screen cannot be dragged smaller than 80% of the screen size, or down to 1024 x 738. When I have my screen dpi set to 125% of normal, then EMC-10 won't let me size the main window below 1290 x 808, which means that the EMC-10 is actually a little wider than my actual screen width of 1280. I see the values stored in the registry at: Hkey_current_user\software\roxio\roxiocentral36\preference\ AppSizeX 1290 AppSizeY 808 Even if I change these values, the next time EMC10 executes & exits it sets them back to the above. Bah Humbug! This bug has been in there since EMC-9 or earlier and still not fixed. The calculation for minimum app window size should not take into account my DPI setting because then it causes the problem described above - an app window that cannot actually fit on the screen. And, while I'm grumping - why should Roxio even put a limit on how small I drag the main screen. After all, it's my choice, right? If I want to drag it small and lose view of some of it, then why not let me? Other apps let me do that - and let me deal with the scroll bars if I want to.