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    Photoshow Installation Problem?

    Dear David de Roxio, When will Photoshowdesktop be made available to Macs? You know it is a little confusing to look at Photoshow.com where it says that Photoshow is now available for Macs. Are you saying that the PhotoShow portion is available for Macs, but the desktop portion is not available for Macs yet? blueheron11
  2. blueheron11

    Photoshow Installation Problem?

    Hi Jeleepk, it sounds like we ahave a similar probem, I received a repky from technical supporrt saying they are working the problem and will let me know what happensI will pass The information I receive from them will be posted LET'S GET THINGS MOVINB HERE.. l. I AMGOING TO DO SOMETHING OUTSIDE TO GRT AWAY FROM THIS NIGHTMAR HAVE A NICE DAY. WE WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENS TOMORROW. blueheron11@sbcglobal,net
  3. blueheron11

    Photoshow Installation Problem?

  4. blueheron11

    Photoshow Installation Problem?

    The problem is that I cannot access the premium features I paid for. I go to Photoshow.com, and access my account which says premium account. Then I go to Roxio Online, Annie's Premium Channel, My Photoshows/Make a Photoshow. Then I click on one of my finished photoshows then I click , Edit. This takes me to the screen Style/ Arrange/ Captions/ Music/ Titles/ Stickers . I should be going to the Edit Screen with Editing Your Photoshow with Playback Settings/Edit Photos & Captions/ Opening Titles/ Music and I am not . Which leads me to believe that I am not accessing the program with all the premium features I should have. I compared the tutorial against what I have and they are not the same thing. Something is not right here. I emailed technical support early in the week, and have not received a response. I also emailed customer support and no response either. What do I do now? I think that since I have a new iMac now, that technical support should send me a link where I can reinstall the photoshow program. I looked for a link to redownload Roxio Online Photoshow or a software update and can't find it. I am not talking about the additional desktop software -that is only offered in Windows or Vista. Help!!! blueheron11
  5. blueheron11

    Photoshow Installation Problem?

    gaper1 go to photoshow.com there it says that it now supports pc.s and macs. photoshow .com help is now also a tab on Safari which is only used for macs. blueheron11
  6. blueheron11

    Photoshow Installation Problem?

    Dear Photoshow People, I renewed my subscription for Photoshow Premium (had Photoshow 5), received my confirmation and activated my account. What happens next, am I supposed to download the program or what? I have an iMac now, had a pc with Photoshow 5 which died on me. I checked my Applications and there is no Photoshow listed. The only way I can access Photoshow is to through the email you sent me, and that doesn't have all the options I paid for. For example, I should be able to set the time in seconds for each slide - and the feature is not there. So I need to download this to my iMac somehow. Help!!! blueheron11