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    Con Not Connect (offline)

    Mine started working again this evening (September 5). I immediately called my daughter-in-law who had been having the same problem and hers is on again also. Don't know why, nor for how long. Reminded me just how nice the whole share feature is/was. So much easier than other sites (free or paid) that claim to offer sharing by email. Can see the pictures you are choosing, can edit or crop them, can preview any slide show and then even have a record of who you shared with and who looked at them! My question to the roxio rep is, if roxio purchased print and share, why not adopt/utilize the better features from it for roxio online?
  2. VickiTexan

    Con Not Connect (offline)

    I have had the same problem (Shows OFFLINE, will not share)with Photo Show Print and Share since about August 20. I have now paid for the Roxio online premium service but am not sure it is set up correctly. It is ridiculously slow but the biggest issue is how to transfer the stored PhotoShow pictures. All I am seeing is to browse hard drive to find pictures. I have dozens of "shows" from the 3 years of Simple Star and cannot imagine trying to recreate all of them. I have version 2.5 vicki
  3. VickiTexan

    Can't Email Photoshow

    I am billed a monthly fee by Simple Star for unlimited photo sharing and backup photo storage. Fee was charged in August. Sometime Friday August 22 the share feature locked up. I tried the various means Simple Star had provided in the past and also waited a few days to see if was their server problem (which has happened before with no indication or notification that the problem was systemwide so clients can avoid spending hours working individually on a problem that is systemwide!). I am STILL unable to share photos. Attempts to contact Simple Star shift to Roxio. Roxio does not respond. When I open the PhotoShow Print & Share program it displays as "deluxe edition" but in less than a minute adds a dash and "offline" although my connection to the internet is still fine. I have also been told by persons that pictures sent last week before program locked up can no longer be accessed. (some folks opened email earlier and everything displayed but those who waited until the weekend got not get them to load although in months previous it was all good). My questions: 1. Should I expect continued monthly billing from Simple Star and what does that buy me? 2. IS there currently some system wide problem with PhotoShow? 3. How do I get Roxio to recognize my current PhotoShow files?