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    Music Cds

    That seems to fix the problem. Thanks!!!
  2. Genie

    Music Cds

    The "Take no action" does prevent Roxio Creator m opening. However, the desired action is for the music CD to start playing!If I set an option to play to CD, then Roxio Creator opens and CD does not begin playing. Seems that Roxio takes over when a music CD is inserted. Hoe can this be prevented. I can find not an option within Roxio to set its starting conditions.
  3. Genie

    Music Cds

    I tried your suggestions. Inserting a music CD still opend Roxio Creator to burn a new disk!
  4. What's on your mind?

  5. Genie

    Music Cds

    Using Roxio Creator 2011 with Windows 7. When inserting music CDs (either original commercial or Roxio created) the system ALWAYS opens the Roxio audio creater window and not Microsoft or other media player. How can I set the system to play music CDs as the default upon inserting a CD. Thanks.
  6. MyDVD starts and begins encoding. Message shows that display driver stopped. It restarts by itself and the encoding restarts at beginning. Problem repeats and repeats .... Using Creator 2010 under Vista Ultima. The driver cited is atikmdag apparently from ATI Radeon. Have checked for latest drivers for all ATI components and all are up to date.
  7. Genie

    Split Scenes

    I need to split scenes and not just cut (trim) ections form the ends of scenes. Can this be done with EMC9? If so how?
  8. Amazing! The install worked from a copy of the files placed on the desktop!
  9. Running Vista Home Premium.EMC 9 stopped working.Tried install form original CD; failed. Thenfollwed all Roxio instruction to the letter! Used MSCONFIG to disable services and manufactures. Ran Windows Install Clean up. Deleted all files and folder as instructed. Ran regedit and editied as instructed. Installation still fails. I last got an error of " MRating MFC Applicationhas stopped working".What to do? Very frustrated ... thanksfor any help.