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    Photoshow Redownload

    I got a virus on my computer and most of my program were deleted. I am trying to redownload the program photoshow. I went to my account and I only find a place to reset my password or edit my profile. Where do I go to download it again? I have the activation key. I am a premium member Please help me.
  2. calincal

    Roxio Creator

    I bought a Dell computer and it came with Roxio Creator Trial Version. I bought the whole Version. I clicked on the buy now and I got it from Roxio. This was May 2007. My computer has since crashed and it was fixed by Dell. Now when I try to use the Roxio creator I get a message saying the Trial Version has expired. I want to reinstall it. I have the key. I did not buy from the estore. I can not find out where to download it and use my existing key to open it. Can someone please tell me where I can download it again. Thank you
  3. I have been trying to do a photoshow with Photoshow Delux 5. I am using this on a Dell/Vista. When I try to edit my video in the photoshow, to make it longer then the 10 seconds. When I click on edit, it immediately goes to editing video. I can not move the bar that extends the videos and I get the message " Photoshow deluxe was unable to process the video " Christmas 2008" I get this same message on very single video I am putting into the photoshow. I can not make them the length that they really are. Could you help me please?
  4. calincal

    Activation Code

    I have the same problem that alot of people on this forum has... trying to use the burning program in Photoshow Delux 5. I get the message need activation code..... Have own this program when it was Photoshow 4 and upgraded to 5 when it came out... I have seen where some people say they talked to tech support chat... where in the world do you find this ? Or do I have to pay and call roxio... I have read where people have gotten 3 additional activations... how do I get that?
  5. calincal

    Creating A Photoshow

    How do you make them into .avi files? Would love to know, I have been trying all day to burn a photoshow and can't get it out of Photoshow deluxe 5 to my computer with all the clipart and things I added.. Your help would really be appreciated....
  6. calincal

    Photoshow Deluxe 5

    I have the same problem as the above hubbygg has. I went to the version build and mine is version 5.0.0 build 85 I bought my software from Nero upgrading from Delux 4. How do I go about getting updates? I have a ticket into support since the 19th of August and I do not believe I will be answered.... I just want to burn DVD's
  7. calincal

    Can Someone Help Me Out Here?

    I also have had Photoshow 5 since it came out but I had bought it through Nero. My photoshow 5 now will not let me burn DVD's. It keeps saying I need a activation code. My serial number for the program will not work. It also quite letting me edit my videos in the program, 10 seconds of any video is all I get.... I joined Photoshow on line and am completely disapointed in that. If I break down and buy Photoshow from Roxio.. will I be able to burn DVD at home. Will I have the same program on disk like I have now? Or is it all just on line. I can not afford to buy the DVD of my photo shows everytime. I have tried support but they won't answer you.... This was such a great and fun programs and now it is such a disapointment...
  8. I bought Photoshow Deluxe 5 from nero when it came out. I had Deluxe 4 before. I know that Roxio bought out photoshow. My key is no longer working. If I buy Photoshow from Roxio will I be able to burn my photoshows on a DVD myself, or do I have to buy the DVD from Roxio? I burn photoshows of all the things my grandkids do. If I have to buy the DVD, I can't afford it. If someone can answer me I would appreciate it. If I can't burn the DVD myself buying the prgram from Roxio won't help me....