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    Con Not Connect (offline)

    I need help, I was told to uninstall the photo print & share 2.5 and reinstall but I can't reinstall it. It seems to have disappeared of the face of the earth? Can you help me? Thanks Joy
  2. joy thorn

    Con Not Connect (offline)

    Me too. I Love using the original 2.5 Print & Show even though I ordered the 5.0 photo show. I don't like it. I would rather use the 2.5 since the editing is easy the down loads are easy and making a show is easy. Unfortunately, like all of you, I have been experiencing alot of down time but on the 16th of Aug. I uploaded pics and ordered them at wolf and a few days later I have not been able to use the software. It says that I'm offline. I have not chg'd anything, I've checkedall my settings on my firewall and I have been trying to get some answers but for some reason, I can not get on line with the 2.5 version. Please can someone Help ME.................please!!! Thanks, Joy