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  1. Thank you again. I have actually seen this program on this site. But I was not sure if they are the same program. I know the menu and interface on the one linked above is different and also this newer one has more more options than the old one. Is this new program included in the Roxio Creator 2009? or is this a seperate program? If this is included in the Creator 2009 then I can just get that like a Suite. I wish the Customer service is reading this forum and respond to my question. Thanks again. Mufutau55
  2. OK. Thanks. I will check that too.. But I always beleive that the third-party utilities to any Operating System especially ones by Microsoft, will be better. Mufutau55
  3. Thank you very much. So, does the Sonic RecordNow! still exists after the merge? And if so, what is it called now? Mufutau
  4. I had a Sonic RecordNow! v7.2x which was made by Sonic Solutions installed my computer since 2004 used on my XP PC until last week when I bought a new HP computer with Vista Home Premium 64bit. I cannot install this program so I need to buy another CD Burning anyway. Is it same RecordNow! software of that time that is now incorporated into Roxio Creator 2009? The RecordNow! of 2004 is just a CD burning software and nothing more.. I love that program so much that is why I am looking for it, so if this is the same software in the present Roxio Creator 2009, then I won't hesitate to get it. I just need to know. Has Sonic Solutions merged with Roxio? Thank you for reading. Mufutau55