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    Photoshow Problem

    I find this company and web site impossible. Nothing but a problem with no, I say no help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Very upsetting. I completed a wonderful Photoshow of my grandson and wanted to give it him for his birthday and when I went to put it on DVD ( which I have done with 15 other Photoshows, mainly with Simplestar which I would at least get email help with and fast) it woudl not copy to the DVD. It would start to copy and look like everything was fine as I saw a the beginning of it copying and then I get a message as it shuts down saying "Failed to Copy". I have been waiting for a week for an answer from Roxio web site with a request that I put in for help with no answer so far. I am very angry since I wanted to give it to him plus I wanted to make more. I have paid for a year for the service and now it is not working and I have no help. Very flustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JP
  2. juleejp

    Previews not the same as the real thing

    Hi, Why did you buy Roxio Online Photoshow when you had already bought Roxio 2009? I have read and was told that the Photoshow program is in the Roxio 2009 software. Is it not?
  3. juleejp

    Photoshow Installation Problem?

    Hi, I have a PC but orderd the premium PhotoShow Online from Roxio and received a email but no link to download anything to my computer. Only access to my photoshows online with no capability to make my own DVD with my photoshows that are online. I had the old version of PhotoShow5 but am not unable to download it onto my computer even thoug I have a CD of the software. You seen to be experiencing some of the same problems that I am. I have had no luck in talking to anyone via phone or email or support on the web. No answers and no response to the live chat either. I have 10 photoshows that I want to burn onto DVD's and I can't do it like they said I could when I ordered and paid for the product yesterday. I am very frustrated!!! Let me know if you find out anything. I thought that maybe I would cancel my order of the Photoshow and then reorder it via the web insteadd the phone like I did yesterday. They don't seem to know anything much. Poor customer service. They just want to get your money. juleejp