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    Consistent Failures When Burning Dvds

    The About box says it's: Roxio Creator Basic v9 Version: 9.0.116 Build: 901B16Y, HPO The splash screen says it's Easy Media Creator 9. Do you mean they specifically wrote code to make sure it wouldn't work if the OS was upgraded? I reckon that's theft - I paid for that software as part of the deal on the PC. Do you mean version 9 won't work with W7 at all? I know this is not true - I've successfully written lots of CDs with it - it's only these nearly full DVDs that are giving me problems. If it doesn't work with W7, then I need a replacement. Is there a free version of Roxio that will work with W7? If not, what other free DVD writing tools does anyone recommend? Thanks - Rowan
  2. RowanB

    Consistent Failures When Burning Dvds

    I don't think I'm going to remember any better than I do now. I think the PC was originally supplied with Vista, and I upgraded a couple of years back. What difference does it make what the original OS was? Thanks - Rowan
  3. RowanB

    Consistent Failures When Burning Dvds

    Yes, it did, although I can't remember now whether the PC originally came with W7, or with Vista. Could that cause the symptoms I'm seeing? It's not completely dead. It will write smaller disks successfully. If this is the case, is there a free version of Roxio that will work with W7? If not, can you suggest some other free CD/DVD burning program? I don't need a lot of fancy features - just the ability to burn whole DVDs reliably... Thanks - Rowan
  4. Hi - I'm trying to use Creator Basic 9 to back up some large directories to DVD. It consistently gets what appears to be about 80% of the way through (based on the different colour of the disk when it's been written to) then fails with an error. The error doesn't seem to have any useful information attached to it - it just says please insert a new blank disk and try again. This is a large directory tree of about 4.1GB. It has some files and directories whose names begin with dot in it (.htaccess .svn etc.). When I compared the files that had been written to the disk with the source directory it appeared that files and directories starting with dot had not been written. So then I created a zip file of the whole directory tree, and tried backing this up (a single file of about 3.9GB). This seemed to stop with the same error in about the same place. This surely can't be to do with the dots? I suspect it's not a Roxio problem, because Nero stops with a similar error in a similar place. But I can't get to the bottom of it, and until I can I can't create any more space on my hard drive which is nearly full. Can you suggest what may be causing the problem, or waht I can try next? I'm running on an HP Compaq 6710b notebook with Windows 7 Pro. Thanks - Rowan
  5. I fixed it - I discovered the columns can be made wider, and then you can scroll left and right to read the whole filepath and the whole message. Sorry for troubling you! Thanks - Rowan
  6. I'm using Creator Basic 9 (supplied with my PC). When I try to burn a couple of directories of files to a DVD, it shows me the attached error message. How do I find out which characters are not allowed in filenames, given that the end of the mesage is cut off, and the window is not resizeable or scrollable? How do I find out which of the hundreds of files is causing the problem? Thanks - Rowan
  7. Thanks for trying to help - but I don't have an "i". I only have Add Music, X, up and down arrows. Is this possibly because I'm using the Basic version that came installed on my PC? Rowan
  8. I'm trying to use Roxio Creator Basic v9 under Windows Vista to create a music CD. I can drag tracks to the window, but I can't see how to change the properties of these tracks. For example, if the track doesn't have a Composer or a Performer (it won't if I've recorded it myself), how do I add one? And if its Pre-Gap is shown as 0, how do I increase it? Can I add further properties to this page? And will these get recorded onto the CD? Thanks - Rowan