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    Creator 2009 Homepage Too Large For My Screen

    Thanks Guys for the information. I tried all the valid suggestions, non so far is ideal as a permenent solution to this problem. Roxio need to come up with a solution to this ASAP. We cannot sacrifice the overall performance of the system just to accomodate an insignificant part of Creator 2009. RoXio Tech Support please give us a patch for this problem. Thank.
  2. I just installed Creator 2009. The home page ( The Startup page) is too large for my screen size.. I cannot see the top menu bar to minimize the page size. Besides, it is not a floating page, all my windows Icons and the window Start button is covered. I have to use “Ctrl + Esc” to go any where outside Creator home page.. I need help to get Creator 2009 page to fit my screen..