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    Here we go again :-(

    Sorry for the delay. Just get so frustrated that PopCorn stops working as often as it does, that I just switched back to Toast (which IS still working) for a while. The 'normal problems' are Popcorn quits midway through the compressing process. If it manages to make it through a small compression, it quits midway through the write process. This has happened with just about every MOS up date since 10.4.
  2. rickw267

    Here we go again :-(

    I see some have already found the normal problems we have just about everytime Apple updates the MOSX. I am willing to bet everyone here has updated to OSX 10.4.8 within the last three weeks. It isn't bad media or some weird bug with anything any of us are using, since we are all doing the same thing we always do when using this program. It is, however, a normal problem with system updates. So the ball will be in Roxios court for now until they can come up with the solution....meanwhile, we wait and hope that Toast can take up the slack until the fix is released. Note to Roxio: hurry please
  3. rickw267

    10.4.6/ Back To Popcorn Crashes

    Ugh. Just upgraded to MOS 10.4.6 and PopCorn is back to quitting midway through the compression phase. We went through this trouble a few upgrades back. Fixing permissions and trashing the plist is not solving the trouble. Anyone else having the same trouble already?