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    Toast 11 Installed Okay But Won't Run On Mac Pro

    I have 2006 Mac Pro (Intel 10.7.5) with 2 internal optical drives. First one (master) is LG Blu-ray R/W drive. 2nd one (slave) is regular DVD R/W drive, but can't remember brand. I seem to remember having to set jumpers to work correctly. Also have external LG Blu-ray drive with USB2 connection. All three drives seen and working OK (so far) with Toast 11. Good luck with finding problem. Tsantee a good source of info on possible problems.
  2. pruthe


    I've used FC Express 4, but should work similar. If you export to Quicktime (not QT convert) it should hold markers in generated .mov. Then bring into Toast and has worked for me in the past. Now using FCPX and that doesn't seem to support chapter markers. So far, have been using Toast to manually create any needed chapter markers.
  3. I seem to be having the same problem as Sledge with my Mac Pro running 10.7.4. That is, "Mount It" is not working. I just so happened to have a backup startup volume running 10.7.3 and there was no problem there, Funny thing is, I have a MacBook Pro running 10.7.4 and "Mount It" works fine there. On MacBook Pro I'm running Toast 11.0.4 only, but on Mac Pro I'm running both 11.0.4, plus 11.1 beta, so I'm wondering if beta install has something to do with. If anyone figures out a fix, please post here. Thx. pruthe
  4. pruthe

    Stuck At 99%

    If there are new beta releases being created, then possible new company is making a commitment to continue product development. Might be good idea to wait to see what happens before writing off. Version 11.04 version is working fairly well for me in the meantime.
  5. pruthe

    Video Capture Device In Toast 11 Bundle

    I found this at Roxio site. http://blog.roxio.com/myroxio/mac/2012/01/capture_preserve_your_home_mov.html Looks like you might need Easy VHS to DVD software. I would think this software should come with purchased Easy VHS to DVD product. Did you purchase? How is it you got USB stick with Toast !! Pro? I didn't think part of Toast 11 Pro package. Maybe they sent to you by mistake. Since Roxio recently taken over by Corel, maybe that's why some problems not getting answers right now. (Opps, looks like I posted at same time as tsantee.)
  6. pruthe

    Encoding For Blu Ray Takes Forever. Why?

    I just passed in some HD video from Final Cut Express to Toast 11 and now doing encode (MP2) for BD disc image. All 4 cores on my old Intel Mac Pro pretty much pegged out. For 50 mins of HD video, I estimate will take maybe 3 hours to encode. I used default "Best" settings on Toast.
  7. pruthe

    Menu Button Activate Color In Front Of Button

    I've also notice this effect for current active menu button on standard DVDs I've created using Toast 11. When selecting a different menu button, the yellow highlight moves, thus obscuring the thumbnail pic. I think did the same thing with Toast 10. Surprisingly, when creating a Blu-ray disk of same content, menu buttons do not have this problem. Besides Satin, not sure which templates have this problem. I use Mystic and Warp quite often and think it affect them too.
  8. pruthe

    Stuck At 99%

    If you reinstalled the original Toast 11, you will still probably have 99% problem. Need to install 11.0.3 beta to fix that. But after installing beta, might need to run BR plugin installer again. To cut down on disk burn failures, recommend saving disk image file first (File-> Save Disk Image). If successfully create Disk image, then can use Copy function to burn image file onto BD-R. See Toast help for image file if want more info. Good luck.
  9. pruthe

    Stuck At 99%

    I purchased Toast 11 Pro, which has BR plugin bundled. If you also purchased, in original Toast 11 (not beta) Pro install folder, should be a folder called Pro Apps. BR plugin installer in here. During install, you will need to enter BR plugin registration number that was sent to you. Hope this helps.
  10. pruthe

    Stuck At 99%

    Try reinstall of Blu-ray plugin and see if works then. Also recommend creating disk image first, and if successful, burn from that.
  11. pruthe

    2 Questions

    Should be in something like: <Disk> -> BDMV -> STREAM -> 0000x.m2ts where x is >= 1, so may be multiple files. I tried to start conversion of one of my BR .m2ts files to mp4 and seems to start OK (using Toast 11.0.3 beta). DIdn't get error after started. I stopped conversion after that so don't know if would have completed OK. Hope this helps.
  12. pruthe

    Dvd Menu Improvements

    I have 25x2 menu style options displayed in my Toast 11 installation. 25 pairs for each menu style with 4x3 and 16x9 display. I think should see menu definitions in following path if installed correctly. Macintosh HD->Library->Application Support->Roxio->Toast Menu Styles If don't see anything there, maybe try reinstall or check with Roxio support. If files there, but does not display in Toast 11, maybe throw away Toast prefs and restart. If that doesn't work, I'd check with Roxio support. Good luck. p.s. I used Toast 11 Pro installer.
  13. pruthe

    Imac,toast And Bluray Burner

    Well, I have 2 Blu-ray burners; one internal and one external on my Mac Pro. Both are LG burners. The external one is in an enclosure I bought and has a USB connection. I've been successfully burning Blu-ray disks with Toast 10 for months. Usually create a disk image first, then burn from that. I've also created from Toast 11 too, but had to force quit when hit known 99% problem, start up again, then burn. Looks like fix for 99% problem will be here soon. I don't see why iMac wouldn't work well with external USB Blu-ray disk. Don't know about any problems using different brands of external blu-ray burners with Toast. Good luck.
  14. pruthe

    Toast 11 99% Stuck

    See 2nd post on this page. I've successfully done for both std and blu-ray disks. Good luck. (Hope fix out soon.) http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/72211-stuck-at-99/page__st__40
  15. pruthe

    Blu-Ray Guides

    I use Final Cut Express 4 for most of my video editing and then bring into Toast if want a Blu-ray. You can have multiple video/audio tracks in FCE timeline, but not sure if can have multiple audio track output that can be brought into Toast. Maybe someone else knows. Toast provides basic menu capabilities. You can even pass chapter info from FCE to Toast. I hear there is a new version of Final Cut Pro coming out soon, and at a reasonable cost, so might try that when comes out and see how works with Toast. Good luck in finding something that works for you.