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  1. ggrussell

    The Perfect Creator Pc?

    Even though ATI still supports Stream, AMD now has better support for OpenCL. I've never had issues with Roxio and my ATI card(s). I do have other software that utilizes ATI video card better.
  2. ggrussell

    No Audio With Mts Files.

    Use a file sharing site like Wikisend, yousendit or upfordown. Most will allow 100mb files for free. Then post the link here.
  3. ggrussell


    Max number of Chapters per TITLE is 99. This is set by the DVD standard - not Roxio. However, seems like a lot of people confuse Titles and chapters. You can add as many 'Titles' that you can fit on a disc. Just remember that you can only get ONE HOUR at the highest quality. More video will cause the software to compress the video more to make it fit.
  4. ggrussell

    Convert Videowave 2D To 3D Projects

    I get exactly what you get, Clive. But it's probably as designed. Like Walt suggested, we probably can't select a 2D project. If you want to convert , choose a 2D video file and you will be prompted to do that. If you need to edit, start with Videowave first and create a .dmsm3d project which can then be added to MyDVD 3D project.
  5. ggrussell

    Sony 3D Files

    I have a JVC MVC file and MyDVD doesn't have an option for this type. MyDVD will import, but the video image is squished regardless of which 3D option I choose. These files are not side by side, half-width , etc. It's a fairly new format. Although Creator NXT Pro just came out, not much has changed in the Video applications from the previous version. The MVC was designed so 2D editors can still open one stream to edit as a 2D project. Previous format didn't. From what I have read, MVC is now part of the Bluray 3D standard. Videowave and MyDVD will open the MVC I have as a 2D video just fine, but not as 3D.
  6. ggrussell

    64 Bits!

    Can import 5.1, but output is only 2 Channel stereo.
  7. ggrussell

    How To Render In 1920X1080?

    You won't find the word 'equal' in any of the VW output options. If the Vixia records at 1080p@17Mbps, then it it up to YOU to choose an output equal or close to that. Once you have output from VW, use those files in MyDVD and Choose 'Same as Original' as Sknis pointed out. MyDVD should NOT re-render the footage.
  8. ggrussell

    3D Blu-Ray

    Suppose that depends on how you created the '3D rendered files'. There are several different ways to create 3D. If you choose 1080 side by side, technically that is a just a 2D file with left and right views at half width. But it's still just 1080 so can easily be burned like a 2D Bluray disc. In this case, you may have to set your TV to 3D manually. A 3D Bluray is a specific format and it could be a licensing issue why Roxio doesn't support it. Hopefully the next version will fully support all 3D formats for burning.
  9. The free version will remove any 32bit apps running on 64bit OS. You need the Pro version to remove 64bit apps. The Pro can also monitor installs and does a more thorough job of removing apps. I've never regretted buying the Pro version. I install/uninstall a lot of stuff. LOL
  10. ggrussell

    Duration / Size

    That is the maximum for the highest quality video. With more compression, you can get more time, but the quality will suffer. For my personal taste, I wouldn't put more that 90min on a DVD. The bitrate falls to about 6.2MB which is acceptable in my opinion. You have to do some tests to see what is acceptable to you.
  11. Thanks - forgot about that handy little feature. Just output HD and MyDVD will down convert for you.
  12. ggrussell

    Creator 2012 Does Not See My Rewriteable Disc

    I use Verbatim DVD+RW 8x. Very reliable and fast. I have several that get used every week recording TV shows for my sister. The +RW is more compatible with her DVD player. Those 30 cents would add up quickly just for watching a TV show once.
  13. If you want to edit in Premiere and burn in NyDVD, you can output to any standard format for the intended purpose. For example if you are creating a DVD, then output to MPEG2 in Premiere. If you are creating a Bluray, then output 720p or 1080p .m2ts. MyDVD will accept other file formats, but then MyDVD may have to re-render to conform to the disc type standard.
  14. ggrussell

    Convert Mkv Files

    I've never heard of a camcorder using MKV either. There is a new 3D file format .MVC (Multiview Video Coding).
  15. ggrussell

    Not Happy With Creator 2012

    Did you make sure that you have selected the Roxio capture device in the capture window?
  16. ggrussell

    3D Photo Creator And New Sony Camera

    Just purchased a Sony SLTA65VK still camera which has a 3D panorama feature. Thought I would try it out. Roxio 3D Photo Creator is the only software that I have that can open .MPO file format so had to try it. Unfortunately, didn't work at all. 3D PC does open the MPO file correctly and I see the correct left and right image, but the next screen doesn't look 3D at all (Red/Cyan). All the colors went green and the reds went black. So there must be some strange incompatibility.
  17. ggrussell

    3D Photo Creator And New Sony Camera

    I don't get the Anaglyph image at all. Everything turns green. Will post images later. --- here you go. First image is with the MPO loaded. Second image is when I click Next and should see the anaglyph version.
  18. ggrussell

    3D Photo Creator And New Sony Camera

    yes, I'm saying the image doesn't appear to be 3D at all in the edit window. I'll post a screen shot later. I'll take some more trial shots, too. Thanks
  19. ggrussell

    3D Photo Creator And New Sony Camera

    The camera takes real 3D MPO files. As far as I can tell, Roxio 3D Photo Creator only has red/cyan output.
  20. ggrussell

    How To Burn A Ntsc Blu?

    Yes, MyDVD output is set to the Windows country origin when installed. With an international community, would be a nice feature to be able to change that at will in MyDVD. Could try changing your country in Windows and reinstalling.
  21. ggrussell

    3D Output - Rgb Pattern At Bottom

    Looks like the problem with the RGB pattern hasn't been fixed. This was a complaint in C2011 also. Watching 3D can be difficult for some people anyway.
  22. I have Windows 7 64 bit on my AMD Quad Core and use a gadget that shows memory and CPU usage in real time. While encoding some video the other night with MyDVD 2012, I noticed only one of the CPU cores was being used. The other three were near 0%. Just find that really strange. The output was to DVD folder so the encoding was MPEG 2. I'll have to output to other formats to see if holds true.
  23. ggrussell

    Multi Core Support - Observation

    Actually, now 47" LG 3DTV . The LG has a higher contrast ratio than the older Westinghouse and I've noticed that 'flaws' seem to be more visible because of that. But the picture sure looks a lot better when watching commercial DVDs or Bluray. I also have the new TV connected to the PC via HDMI instead of DVI like the Westinghouse. I know it shouldn't make a difference, but text doesn't seem as sharp. Could be the nature of the LG set instead of the connection. I just don't know.
  24. ggrussell

    Multi Core Support - Observation

    I retested the same file on Software render. One core was still utilized more, but this time the other cores were at about 35%. C2012 is definitely speedy at default settings in rendering this Xvid AVI to MPEG2, but the quality could be better.
  25. ggrussell

    C2012 And Lg Passive 3Dtv/bluray Player

    Got a great deal this holiday on the LG 47" 3DTV and Bluray combo with 4 sets of glasses (47LW5300). This particular combo uses the passive polarized glasses. I'll have to check LG support to see if they are linear or circular polarized. Anyway, here are some of my observations with C2012 output and this 3DTV combo. Neither the RealD DVD nor the RealD AVCHD disc were recognized as 3D automatically. I had to manually set the TV to the correct 3D side by side setting. However, the 3D video appeared fine on the screen. This is not to say I didn't have difficulties. I have a sample .MKV file I downloaded that was ripped from the LG demo Bluray disc. MyDVD did import the file, but the color was off, the image was squished and no sound. File is supposed to be 1080p side by side. Not sure about the sound, but could be DTS. I have since downloaded the Avatar trailer in 3D (.m2t) and a Grand Canyon demo in 3D (.ts). Both are supposed to be 1080p side by side. I'll be testing those later today to see how MyDVD handles those. Now all I have to do is save up for that 3D camcorder.