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    Version 6.4 Updates

    Hi Steve, How can I get upgrade from 6.3 to 6.4 I ahve loked all over the Roxio site, can't find it. I am havign sooo much trouble with 6.3 in win 7, 64bit mode. Can you help. Regards Pete
  2. xxxxxxxxxx

    No DVD Drive

    Hi Anton, I knew you would come to my rescue - again. Where and how would I get an update, as I have been on the Roxio sit and can't find anything there? regards pete
  3. xxxxxxxxxx

    No DVD Drive

    Hi Firenchancer, have just a had a good search, and it does appear that there is no 64 bit driver for DVDit Pro. Have been to Roxio site, downloaded those, googled, and downloaded some more, same problem. Soem of the forum, have then said, No way Jose, no 64 bits - which is a huge shame. Again thanks for your help. regards Pete Melbourne Australia
  4. xxxxxxxxxx

    No DVD Drive

    Hi Firenchancer, Thanks for that, and your quick reply, but I believe I need a 64 bit version, as I get the error message This versuion is not compatible etc.Do you ahve a 64 bit or where could I get it. regards Pete
  5. xxxxxxxxxx

    No DVD Drive

    Hi, I am running DVDit 6.3, and have just loaded it from Windows 7, 32 bit, where it worked beautfully, to Windows 7 64 bit, where again is running great EXCEPT, when I go to burn a DVD it tells me "No valid recording device could be found. Please check your connections and try again". I can make a disc image. Well of course I have check all my drives and all work well, Nero work well and all is ok, tried running it as an admiinstrator and XP compbatibity mode, all get the same result. Now there was one difference in loading ( and I have loaded several times) that I could not register uppomg loading. Even when I run the application and go to regiseter it through Help, that area is grey out. (a)Am I doign anything wrong. ( Would it have anything to do with my running Nero 9 regards] pete Melbourne
  6. xxxxxxxxxx

    Transcoding freeze

    Well Douglas , you're right. I loaded onto another compuet, albeit a little newer, and lo and behold it worked beautifully. Disn't work using the avi file, but did with elementry streams. I just scatches me head? Again thanks to all Pete Melbourne Australia
  7. xxxxxxxxxx

    Transcoding freeze

    Yes I'm using Windows 7, and I am using the HD version, destinatin drive is D, plenty of room and NTFS Ultimate. Oh well back t the drawign board. As always thanks for your help Pete
  8. xxxxxxxxxx

    Transcoding freeze

    Hi Anton, I created the elementry streams, and it did the same thing, soon as it got to the transcoding part, stopped dead. Now I must mention here that when I was loading it tonight (have loaded it three times) it did say there was a conflict. Again any ideas. This as well I loaded it in XP compatibilty mode. regards Pete
  9. xxxxxxxxxx

    Transcoding freeze

    Thanks Anton, I'll try this. What I was ding is just bring in an AVI file.\regards pete
  10. xxxxxxxxxx

    Transcoding freeze

    Hi Guys, If you could help me. I have DVDiT 6.4, running on Windows 7, and everytime I go burn, as it starts to transcode, it stops and shuts down the application. Any suggestions. I have plentyy of room, ram and computer is P4 all the goodies. Have I configured something wrong? I am using files from Edius 5.12 regards Pete Melbourne Australia
  11. xxxxxxxxxx

    Windows 7

    Is Dvdit Pro Hd Ver 6.4 compatible with windows 7, as each time I try to encode, the applications stops and closes. Can anyone help.\regards Pete Melbourne Australia