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  1. I have used the photoshow programs for years and love them. I have the version photoshow 5. I have used this many times but for some reason i cannot edit the short videos that the program allows you to input. I have done tons of shows with videos but now I cannot. I have updated the drivers.still cannot edit them. Does anyone have any suggestions or have you had this same problem?
  2. leslieone01

    Photoshow Online And Photoshow 5

    I have used photoshow 5 and love it. I now heard about the online version. I have serveral questions. With the online you get a desktop version. If i decide to only use the online version, how much of the desktop is the same? Will I still be able to burn my DVD's from my desk top version. In fact can you burn from the online version as well. I want to keep both versions on my computer, can i use graphics from version 5 with the desktop version and also with the online version? I have spent a lot of money purchasing extra graphics and want to be able to use them. I love creating my own and burning my own DVD. Roxio is making it more of an online thing, I prefer to have the total control on my own computer. Please reply as soon as possible. I would like to try a 30 day trial of the new online version but I didnt see that available. I have loved these product and hope that the online/desk top version 6 will offer all that the version 5 does.
  3. I used to be able to add short 10 to 15 second videos to my photoshows but now it wont let me. Especially if I chose to edit them. Most of the videos are too long so when I go to edit to make them shorter the entire program freezes. Has anyone has this problem before?
  4. leslieone01

    Inserting Videos Into Photoshow

    Im using the photoshow 5. I contacted support they just said change th format of the video, but I have never had to do it before. I dont have the softeware to change the format in which the video is captured.