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    THow long to take a snapshot?

    How long should it take to take a snapshot? After the initial install, which took the first snapshot automatically, I took one several days later. I almost gave up waiting but it finally ended. Today I tried to take another but gave up waiting after at least 6 mnutes. Admittedly, I have a fairly loaded system but I tucked away lots of my folders under MY DOCUMENTS, MY MUSIC, MY PHOTOS and MY VIDEOS. This leads to a second question. If one cancels BACKONTRACK while it is in the middle creating a new snapshot, have you destroyed the old snapshot? Thanks, ian UPDATE- April 14 OK, I found the problem. If you have left a data CD in a drive, BACKONTRACK won't complete taking a snapshot. Remove the CD, retry and all is fine. Doesn't take very long to complete the snapshot.
  2. itaylor3@cogeco.ca

    Dao.msi Error Fix

    The fix just worked for me, too. I am running ATI Radeon X600 Pro All-in-Wonder Thanks.