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  1. Were you able to use your Photo Show and make a movie? I've downloaded the Flash Player every time I got that message. I still get the message and can't move photos, etc. or make my movie.
  2. Sans

    Amazon Music

    Unfortunately you're right, but I found a Link that indicates that I can buy a single song. For the Movie I'm making, it won't cost much at all. It's a shame that I pay for this Music and can only use it on my Amazon devices to listen to. Now, if I could only make the Movie!!!
  3. Thank you. I'll look at these to see if they are sufficient to make my son's Wedding Photo Show.
  4. Sans

    Amazon Music

    That's the problem. I can't download Amazon Music. With this music, even though I pay for the subscription, it indicates that I must purchase each song I try to download. The other music I have is saved in iTunes in my Music File. I have no problem downloading other music to my Photo Shows.
  5. Did you go with another program? I'm sorry you're in the same bind. I seriously cannot believe there isn't something that can be done, short of taking a year to make a movie. I wonder how other customers make their movies, or fix this problem...anyone?
  6. Sans

    Amazon Music

    I Pay for Amazon Prime and have an unlimited Music Subscription. Has anyone been able to upload Amazon Music into their Roxio Premium Photoshows? Thanks, Sandy
  7. I have the Premium Version of the Photoshow and I've been making Movies since 2012. When I paid to renew my subscription to Roxio in June 2019, I began having issues that I didn't have in the past. I'm using IE 11 and Windows 7. I can upload my photos without a problem, BUT, when I attempt to move them or delete them my computer hangs. There are very, very quick pop-ups on the same editing page that I cannot read, but some words I've been able to decipher are: "A script in this movie is causing ... to run slowly" "A script in Flash Player will cause your computer to become unresponsive" I uninstalled and reinstalled the Flash Player. I must make this Wedding Movie by July 26th. Thanks for your help, Sandy
  8. I just tried and got the same message indicating PhotoShow has a problem and will now close. I never got my problems resolved. How did Roxio fix your problems? Did they do something or tell you to do something? I keep hoping one day I'll click on that icon and the good old PhotoShow 5 will be back as it used to be. Roxio's version works, but I don't like it due to not having the features I use, as you've mentioned above. Thanks for letting me know you're up and running.
  9. You suggested that to me before and I've done it almost daily and it just doesn't work for me. I still get that message. I removed the PS4 image database file, then I reinstalled Photo Show from the CD I have. I did it tonight again. I'm so frustrated. Thanks for trying to help me.
  10. "An unexpected error has occured." Photo Show will now close" This is a problem for many of us. Nothing I have done works. I have the icon on my desktop for Simple Star's Photo Show 5 Deluxe version. Many threads have described the same problem and removing the PS4 image files, uninstalling and reinstalling has helped no one. I've written to this board over and over again. I have support tickets in and get no help. If I remove the Roxio Photo Show completely, will my old Photo Show 5 Deluxe from simple star work again? I need it, and if you've read my other threads for the last few weeks, you'll see how I'm struggling. Thank you.
  11. Sans

    Photo Show Deluxe 5

    According to all the posts, there is still a simple star Photo Show Deluxe 5 AND a Roxio Photo Show. I never had a problem with simple star's photo show until I upgraded to Roxio, and was wondering if I unintsalled Roxio's my other Photo Show would work. I have 2 icons on my desktop; 1 for my first version; simple star and one for Roxio's. I don't care if the Roxio Icon is removed on my desktop; I just want to use the other program; Simple Star's, the one before I used before Roxio.
  12. Has anyone uninstalled Roxio's 5 upgrade and had luck using Photo Show Deluxe 5? If I do uninstall Roxio's version, will my Photo Show Deluxe 5 work? Thank you.
  13. As I previously said in another thread, I uninstalled it. I reinstalled it, but when you do that it puts the PS4 images back. I don't understand what you mean by "drag it to your desktop". Please explain to me what I should do after I reinstall it. I'm not familiar with "dragging" Do I reintsall it and drag it from somewhere? Thanks, Sandy
  14. Sans

    Failure To Launch/open

    Patty, I don't want to use Roxio's PS. I need to use Photo Show 5 Deluxe. Roxio's shows have none of the extras. If you ever used Photo Show 5 Deluxe you'd know what I'm talking about. I paid for with PS5, the upgrade, Roxio, Kodak, etc. As I said, no one is responding to any of my Support Tickets, so I'm in a serious bind and it is very frustrating not having a fix for this problem. Sandy Please let me know if you ever are back up and running. I'm trying everything and I'm getting no where. I still haven't gotten a reply to my support tickets. Thanks!
  15. I need to put frames around pictures, change the transition of each picture, put backgrounds, etc. I cannot find these options. I cannot use one click styles because you can't change each photo, and I can't figure out how to change the music in the same Photo Show. I need to use about 15 different songs. I still cannot get into Photo Show Deluxe 5 where I had all of these options. No one is telling me anything but to remove PS4 image files, which I did. Thank you.