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    Why Is This Happening...what Does This Mean

    Thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate the insight and the suggestions. I will try them and, fingers crossed, solve the issue. I appreciate your kindness in reply.
  2. I download my videos using Windows MovieMaker and create DVDs using Sonic DigitalMedia/My DVD 7. This is the full version of My DVD, which I purchased to replace the limited version that came with my HP Multi-Media computer. There is a big difference between the trial version and the full version, and it's driving me nuts. In both cases, I choose video through Add Files and burn my DVD. With the trial version, I could then make a second copy of the same material by putting a new DVD in my computer and hitting BURN. But with the new version, following the same steps, it will appear to be burning but in the end I get an error message: ACCESS DENIED----16000. To get a second copy I have to create a new project, add the files again and change the file name slightly then click BURN. Is there a link that explains what ACCESS DENIED---16000 means and does anyone have any advice on why this is happening and how/if I can prevent it. Thank you for taking the time to read my issue.
  3. Thank you. I will try this approach. Appreciate your response.
  4. I apologize...I should have said the program is Sonic MyDVD that I am trying to edit and save the sections/scenes... Forgive my mistake....and thank you....
  5. I apologize for asking a 101 question, but I have tried and cannot find the answer. I fell asleep when I was capturing video using Windows Movie Maker...so I have a 3 hour video file. I want to split that 3 hour capture into four components that I would then burn to DVD. So I go into Sonic Digital Media v7, click Add Files...select the captured video. I click the Edit icon and split the captured video into four sections/scenes based on where I want the cuts. So at the bottom of the Edit Page I have four separate Edits (looks like four pieces of film). I have searched for and can't find the answer to this question: How can I save each of those sections/scenes into their own individual files. My goal is to burn each one on to their own respective DVD. I hope I have explained my situation sufficiently. Thank you for your willingness to read my problem and for your consideration in offering any support or a solution.
  6. deandane

    How Do I Add More Files With Add Files

    Thank all of you for your help... I appreciate it so very much... What a great community you are...
  7. deandane

    How Do I Add More Files With Add Files

    Thank you to all of you for your kindness in reply. I guess I was thinking that I could have a "trail" of movie buttons beyond the six the system lets me have. What I understand now is that I can have more movie buttons/clips but I have to create another menu to house the next six or so in...and then another menu if I want to have more beyond that....so I could have a maximum of 16 menus (not likely i know) that could house up to 99 movie buttons/clips... What I need to figure out now is how to create the next menu once I've added six files using the ADD FILES button... I apologize for my denseness....would any of you be able to give me a short set of action steps or refer me to a place that explains this next step...which I have not been able to find despite my search efforts. Thank you again...it's awesome to know people can be so generous with their knowledge....and I appreciate it.
  8. As you know, SonicMyDVD calls the video you add through ADD FILES as a movie button. What I cannot figure out is why I seem to be limited to six movie buttons before I get some message about it creating another menu.... I am making a DVD of small video items so i am barely tapping the 4.7 GB limit. It also seems from what I've read that I can have as many as 99 movie buttons, but there is information on how to expand the limit beyond the six. I would appreciate insight from any of you who may be able to help me. Thank you for your consideration and any efforts on my behalf.