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    Thanks so much for answering that for me. I guess I'll try Windows Moviemaker and transfer the order of the pictures so that they're the same as in my photoshow and then try my own music. I have a few more shows I'd like to make and am anxious to start them. I really do love how easy Roxio makes creating them, though, and for the most part the music has been working for what I've done - I can see running out of songs tho, so hopefully they'll either add on to what's already available or figure out a way that we can use our favorite songs right here.
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    I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the music we use with our photoshows. I noticed that if we wanted to download anything other than what's on the Roxio music list that we can't post to a website because of copyright restrictions. There's a song I'd like to use with my photoshow - a hometown thing - but I'd like to try posting this particular show to youtube just to add a twist to the same song added to older slideshows. Someone told me to use my Windows Moviemaker to add my music from itunes, but it's taken me so long to get the hang of preparing the photoshows here, I hate to start all over again. Thanks to anyone who can answer this round-a-bout question for me. BTW, this is such a great way to share photos. It used to be such a hassle trying to take, print and send pictures to family scattered all over the country. Everyone loves this and they have such fun seeing the best of the best.