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    Backup Program

    Which program in the suite is best for backup? I pressume Ill use DVD 140 GB total on F drive 33 GB in still photos 35 GB in slide shows made from still photos, no video 1 GB in correspondence (Word)
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  3. Can I/How can I retrieve a slide show title burnt to disk and use it again?
  4. grandpadon


    I changedd email to my new one. I put a nickname grandpadon (inspired by grandpabruce)into display name & its shows as loggedin grnadpadon. But I get ane rror aabout login. I still dont know what signature, displayname, etc mean
  5. grandpadon

    Slide show Menu "instability"

    Just the opposite is going on. The latest version plays OK on my TV but hangs up consistently on my 2 computer DVD players. It happens at the 25th slide of the 6th title, or 325 slides total My other current slideshow which displayed the hangup goes Ok now, wit 150 slides. When it haaaaaangs, it not only suspends the slide show but hangs the whole competer and its difficult to extricate.!! Does this mean I can or cant go ahead & let others play it on their TVs
  6. grandpadon

    Slide show Menu "instability"

    Re players, Ive had trouble with DVDs playing "OK" on my TV but hanging partway thru a title or at end of title on one or both of CinePlayer and Windows media. Another nagging but livable problem is that the menu can sit there, and suddenly jump to the 1st slide in one of the titles (always the same one) for very short time & then return to menu without playing anything. I got rid of the originaljumping between menus by packing the titles into one menu! But I still have almost 6GB in each ISO to compress onto th eDVD Im sure getting exhausted hankes to all for all the help. Im still looking for definition/procedure of the diif forms of inputtin forum(quote,reply,update etc)
  7. grandpadon

    Slide show Menu "instability"

    Im back with good news, for a change By skipping one title and using manual arrange instd of auto-arrange in DVD Builder I got "Disk 1" of my original slideshow into one menu instd of 3 between which it was jumping, and well below (6.3GB )the magic 7.3GB for Disk Copier to compress it onto the 4.7 DVDs. I burnt it onto a +R Verbatim disk, and onto -R Verbatim disk. Both disks performed normally on both the computers Cineplayer & Tthe vs Panasonic 5 disk changer. Does that mean Im ready to proceed with distribution? Waiting for son to try them on his players If I were to proceed, do you rec +R or -R? What do I do about labels, which Ive been adding after burning? By the way, my response to the good recommendations was delayed by a lot of "missing files" that really were missing completely from my system. I cropped & edited them in photosuitre to add labels of who people were. they somehow got saved on C drive instd of with the rest of the show on F, and then disappeared. Perhaps because we reinstalled windows. The uncropped originals aare missing the text I added to them.
  8. grandpadon

    Slide show Menu "instability"

    Status of Stilleys slide show See previous posts. I still dont know how to officially submit an update, so Im replying to Hardin Tried all of above, plus a few we thot of & one accidental new show. Disks(Disk1 of my 25yr family slideshow) in Q have 17 titles, in 3 menus, processed by Videowave & DVD Builder:yielding 7.682 GB compresssed to 4.7 by DVD Builder into an ISO file and burnt by Disk Copier in a Sony burneer onto DVD+RW disks from TDK Or Sony. The disks were labelled using Avery CD/DVD paper labels. Since then theyve changed to separate vinyl labels for DVD. I redid the ISO file once to reduce the size , but otherwise the discs were burned from original ISO . Playeers used: My settop is a Panasonic 5disk changer. 2 otherss used by kids are off-brand, with one a DVD/VHS combo.Not sure about the one in DesMoines As mentioned, my burner and primary computer player is a Sony 810A purchased this spring. Since my burnering it passed Sonys dik check program( just yesterday), but I had to update firmwear first. Alternate player is ?? ROM that came with my Dell computer. *3-4 settops out of 4-5 (one son has 2) didnt play right The DVD/VHS went from one title to next with returning to menu. The very same disk and 2-3 others on my or other kids settops had the Menu Instability of my original posst. It sits there in Menu 1 and after a while it jumps to Menu 2 * +R,--R Verbatim disks unlabelled, same menu jump *Used 3 computer players;Cineplayer,windows media, roxio player; same menu jump Had problems geting Cine operational * Added 1GB RAM to prev 1GB; same menu jump **Took a break to show off photos from an Airshow. The bottom fell out again. 2 titles, 1.1 GB Played ok on my TV Hung about halfway thru on the computer players (thats one reason I added memory) (before & after memory addn) ** Since meemory addn I decided to go back & redo the ISO. The bottom fell out again. "ALL" my DVD productions? have "missing files" I found some but ran out of time to figure out how to retrieve them. Havent had that in a year or two So where can I go from hear. I have people primed to get my grat slideshow?
  9. grandpadon

    Slide show Menu "instability"

    I tried both + & - Rs, + from Office MAX, - from Best Buy and they did the same thing; alternating menus on the 1-2 of each I tried. NOw whatll I do with all these disks: +RW. +R. _R. and prob some _rws laying around.
  10. grandpadon

    Slide show Menu "instability"

    I did get Verbatim +Rs. They took longer to burn, it seemed. 2 samples did the same thing as the RWs: alternating menus>
  11. grandpadon

    Slide show Menu "instability"

    I dont think I have any Rs handy. DVD Builder warned me , but Disc Copier didnt. I reduced the size & still does the same thing. I chose +RW because Im afraid I might have to reburn & because -RW didnt work in others players.
  12. I created a slide show using Videowave to DVD builder to ISO to Disk Copieer to +RW DVD disk. 3 menus I thot it was working Started distributing. On my daughters player it kept going right from one title to next. I brought it home. Here it sits there & switches 1&2 menus fairly frquently. It sometimes switches from 3 to 2. Plays OK when you catch it right. Menu 3 also displays the first slide of its last title intermittently. Does the same thing after i spent all day burning it again. Recent theory is that I somehow put more into the ISO file than Disk copy could squeeze on the disk. Waiting for that to burn!, but its getting late.
  13. grandpadon

    Missing Files

    The missing files problem appeared about same time as adding XP SP2. Could that have caused it?markstilley@usfamily.net
  14. grandpadon

    Missing Files

    Went back to Bldr and it wouldnt preview due to missing files. Went thru all titles & got no missing files in indiv titles. Since I couldnt check intro that points the finger I cant identify & get my hands on the version of intro its using to verify if its the culprit. Cant delete the intro & redo it. Some of the files were mentioned as missing are common to all versions of intro. Sorta painted me in a corner. I coulda done it over by now or copied from the disk. How can I examine the intro thats on the disk?. I was trying to go back and upgrade each title, espec intro, after sucessfully burning the photosto disk. Labels, narration, chapters , eetc PS When I said I couldnt open to edit, I think I meant I couldnt open that secretive intro
  15. grandpadon

    Not Saving Edited Pictures

    Sorry to bother you. Turns out my prob is with the save icon at top of screen. I thot it allowed save as and thne quit doing that. Conveentional save as in File menu works OK.