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    Label Maker 2010

    Just installed Creator 2010 and attempted to open the labels from my previous Roxio Creator 10 program. Creator 2010 will not open the Creator 10 labels. What am I missing. Am I supposed to recreate all of these labels that I am using? Is there a program to convert the old labels. I had this same problem about 5 years ago when I upgraded to a newer Roxio, you would think this has been rectified by now. This doesn't make NY sense
  2. romasurus

    Label Maker 2010

    Thank you Brendon, You are correct, I just received this reply from Technical Support. " A Roxio Agent has responded to your ticket! (# 796610) Dear customer, Thank you for your email Roxio software are not backward comaptible with older project version. Regards Roxio Technical Support. " I have 40 + labels that I use all of the time. I should recreate them one at a time or worse yet, I should run 2 versions of Roxio EMC 10 and Creator 2010 on my computer so that I can access the old version label creator? I can't even just install the Label Maker program from the EMC10, the minimum is the basic suite. This doesn't make ANY sense at ALL. This is not efficient. I wonder if there is a logical reason for this.
  3. I have just upgraded from 8 to 10. Previously, I had a icon on my desktop that launched the Disk Copier the path was (C:\Program Files\Roxio\EZ Media Creator8\Disc Copier\DiscCopier8.exe). I can not find the individual Disk Copier EXE file to place it on my desktop. Is it available or has it been intigrated into the COPY Heading of Media Creator Central?
  4. I have just installed V8.5, I had V6.X and I had labels saved for numerous disks. When I open a project from the older version, everything appears as it should. Once I edit the text in one of the areas on the label and hit the enter key, the text in all of the other areas changes to that of the one I just edited. How do I change this?