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    A few days ago, the same problem was reported. See below for the original msg. I've had the same thing happen. I hook up the device to a USB port but Roxio Desktop Manager has its options grayed. Looking further into the issue, I discovered that the USB port is no longer recognized, apparently the result of a series of updates that Microsoft has been sending out. Terry Here's the piece that appeared in this forum originally. Now closed (I've no idea what that signifies.) I just purchased a Blackberry Curve smart phone 5 days ago. I downloaded its Desktop Manager to synchronize it. It is through this manager that we can download music, pictures, and movies to Curve. When you open the manager there is an icon named Media Manager, which is suppose to make this connection with the device. Once clicked, I see the Roxio splash : Roxio for Blackberry / Media Manager. Immediately after clicked, I can see an error block saying : Quote MICROSOFT C ++ Runtime Library Runtime Error !! Program C:\program Files\Roxio\Media Manager 9\mediamanager9.exe This application has requested The RUNTIME to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application’s support team for more information. Unquote I have been with Blackberry support representative for more than 2 hours, having paid about USD 49.00 and inspite of his extremely good willing, he could not solve the problem. As a result, I cannot download to device any movie, picture, or music. Any assistance for someone who understands what is going on ? Pse assist. Rgds Sdruws