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    How Do I Get Toast To Reduce Video Size To Fit On Dvd?

    Figured out what I did wrong. Just needed to check the box under Options for "Use Fit-to-DVD video compression" when I copy the disk image file to DVD.
  2. I have an hour's worth of SD video that I want to burn on DVD. The video files are 13 gig so of course Toast tells me that it won't fit on the DVD. I discovered that if I save the project to a disc image, it will do the conversion and leave me with a project that will fit on a single layer DVD and then I can burn the DVD. However, this method worked for me the first time but not the second and now I can't figure out what I did differently to make it work. So what do I need to do to convert 13 gig of SD video so that it will fit on a single DVD?