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    New User Trying To Do Basic Task

    Lynn, this all started when I had so much trouble with WinXP's reliability that I sought advice and was told my a cpu guy don't use it, use the Sonic writer that came with my cpu. Used Sonic a couple of times, it worked correctly and then it disappeared (how is that even possible?) which led me to Roxio 9. But I tried Win XP again after your suggestion and what happened is that the Roxio drag and drop function took over at the point I clicked on move this folder. And it properly moved the folder to the cd! It worked unlike Creator Classic - have not been able to get that to work. Since all I wanted to do is backup some data your suggestion got me there. Thank you! Regards, Chris
  2. ckary

    New User Trying To Do Basic Task

    The pxengine download was good for getting the Burn setup window to show the DVD drive. It also now allowed me to select 'Read Only', formerly grayed out. But the OK button would not give me permission to continue. I reinstalled the program and I chose Custom becasue I wanted to load only that part of the Roxio 9 that handled data backup. The installation interface was not intuitive (understatement). I selected the top pick and whatever I did I did wrong because I ended up installing the whole. 492 mb again. With this reinstall the Burn Setup window resembled the same window that appeared after the Pxengine install. Unfortunately, I still could not continue with the OK button. EXCEPT ONCE: after toggling between all the settings, especially the # of drives, the OK button suddenly went live and I was able to copy a single file to the DVD, just as I should have been able to do. BUT: that happened only once. I regularly run anti-virus and spy-ware programs and other than low-risk tracking cookies which I always delete, my cpu seems to be clean. I'm thinking about once more uninstalling the program. I'd like to try again to install only the parts of Roxio 9 necessary to backup data. Since I was unable to make the right choice when I did that last can someone tell me how to do that? Also any other ideas about things I can try to get it going, patches, etc.? Thank you everyone who are trying so hard to help me. I probably won't try anything today but will pick up the thread tomorrow. Chris
  3. ckary

    New User Trying To Do Basic Task

    trying hard to find a way that works I thought I'd try the Burn from Disc Image function since I had saved several projects as Disc Images. That doesn't work either because after hitting the button Burn from Disc Image a dialog comes up asking me if I want to save present project. But I've already saved the project! After getting to the place where it will allow me to Burn I then get a message that I'm trying to Burn to the same location as the saved location.
  4. ckary

    New User Trying To Do Basic Task

    pretty much lost in this whole process, don't know why something that should be simple is not simple. It doesn't work. Recently my Sonic CD program disappeared from my computer. How is that even possible? I've never had something like this happen in 19 years of personal computing. But in Control panel, 3 of the Sonic programs were listed but on the right side where the size of the application shows there was nothing for the Sonic programs (all my other applications were okay though). And when I tried to get the Sonic programs back I got involved in the Sonic Update Manager nightmare, the computer program from Hell. After finally getting it off my computer I bought Roxio 10 and now this - I can't get it to do the simplest thing.
  5. ckary

    New User Trying To Do Basic Task

    Did as you instructed but still the same: after burn the Burn Setup comes up with the same limited options, really only save Dat Disc
  6. ckary

    New User Trying To Do Basic Task

    Tried to do as you instructed but alas no cigar. Adding data went okay, but when I hit Burn a dialog came up labeled Burn Setup and that wasn't much I could do with it. There was no way to verify that only the dvd was selected and the only choice was Disc Image File Save at the top. I read up on it in Help and didn't want to do it, but that didn't seem to be option. I couldn't ok and get out of this dialog w/o saving the Disc Image File and when I did that and now could ok all that happened for 2 minutes was that the Disc Image File was saved. Also Read-Only unselectable (grayed-out). When I looked at my dvd drive in Explorer all that was there was the former Disc Image file waiting to be written to the CD Please advise - Chris
  7. as a new user of Roxio 9 I am trying to do the most basic thing: simply copy data from my hard drive to a new dvd disc in my D drive. I followed the directions in the tutorial 'Add Data' and everything went as it seemed like it should until I tried to verify that the data was on the disc after clicking "Done'. I looked up how to do this in the index and it told me to go to Tools and use one of the utility view functions. That got me nowhere so I then went to Explorer to check the D drive and it showed the data that I had copied as waiting to be written to the D drive. But when I clicked on 'write these files" the Windows Writing Wizard came up and error messaged me that the disc could not be located. There was nothing in the Roxio instructions about the need to write the files to the cd or dvd after the files had been recorded. What's going on here, what am I doing wrong and if it's necessary to write the files after their recording how do you do it in Roxio? Thank you - Chris, new user PS: is the need to format the new disc no longer necessary as it was with earlier generations of Roxio or Sonic. I didn't see anything in the Roxio project maker about formatting the disc