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  1. Why is it impossible to determine what version of easy cd and dvd creator I have? I am trying to use it and no matter what video format I use MP4 or AVI it always says cannot be edited and is not added. What the #### does that mean and how do I get it to work? As you can probably discern, I am a little nonplussed to say the very, very, least. It says that version 14 is windows 10 compatible but without knowing how to determine the version it is an exercise in frustration......
  2. The Roxio Creator NXT software is compatible with Windows 8. The problem is that the software for the installed optical drive is Nero 12 and Nero and Roxio software are totally incompatible. After installing Creator NXT, each time I put in a blank disc the computer would crash with the message "Windows has developed a problem and is gathering some information and then will restart. Driver IRQL not less or equal, storport.sys" When I tried to burn a disc using the DVD burning software (Nero 12) or Windows Media Player, the same thing happened. When I uninstalled the Creator NXT the problem went away. Of course the discs burned with Media Player or the Optical drive software won't play on most DVD players. I have been trying for two days to find out if the Nero 12 software can be uninstalled and then replaced with something user friendly like Roxio, but to no avail.
  3. I purchased Roxio NXT 2013 from Amazon and when I installed it on my computer running windows 8 and tried to use it the computer crashed. I checked the disc and it is copywrite 2012. Can it be updated or patched to run on windows 8?