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    Xbox Issues With Regular Dvds

    Thanks for the tips. Have been doing some experimenting. My Macbook can burn at "best" speed with Toast and make a disc that's readable by everything including the xbox. I tried a slower burn speed with the Mac Pro and at 4x, the 360 recognized it and started to play it but received an "unreadable media" error shortly after the opening. Tried burning at 2x and Toast couldn't even verify the disc past sector 0. I'm starting to wonder if I have a bum superdrive...
  2. JThomasLambert

    Xbox Issues With Regular Dvds

    I've been using Nero to burn for the past x years. I do buy DVDs but then burn them so that my son can play the movies in his dvd player or else we take the copies in the car. Recently our PC died (finally) and I replaced it with a Mac Pro. To the issue: now we use Toast to burn DVDs (directly from VIDEO_TS folders that have been scrubbed by AnyDVD). The same files that produce burns that worked on every dvd player in the house with Nero now will not play on anything xbox (we have an xbox 1 and two xbox 360s). The Toast burns play on all other dvd players, in the PS3, and in the computers--just not in any xbox product. I already have to bootcamp to rip with AnyDVD--would hate to have to go back to Nero just so we can watch movies on the 360!!! Any thoughts?