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  1. RoDnSuE

    Drag To Disc Problem After System Restore

    Well, I've tried all the options I can think of. Updating all the drivers/software/bios ect.... Same results. :-( Hope is all but gone. (and hair) :-) Any other suggestions? When I do a scan of the disc with CDroller, It stalls out at 77-78% done and never finishes. I even let it run overnight one time with the same results. I tried the disc/software in another computer as well, and still no luck. Thanks, RoD
  2. RoDnSuE

    Drag To Disc Problem After System Restore

    Well, No success as of yet. My extra DVD burner was a bust since it was given to me and ended up being just a DVD reader that someone had carefully put back in the box and sealed:-P\ Oh well, I will buy one this coming payday and try it. I want a second burner anyway. I did back up my available data to Dell's online datasafe. So at least that part should be good to go. I have not given up hope yet, but it's dimming. Thanks to all for the help, RoD
  3. RoDnSuE

    Drag To Disc Problem After System Restore

    I appreciate ALL the help! Alot of these pictures are not backed up on other media, but some are. (thank goodness) But I have learned a valuable lesson about D2D and such. Does anyone have any experiance with reliable data recovery companies? Thanks, RoD
  4. RoDnSuE

    Drag To Disc Problem After System Restore

    Still pulling my hair out. (what's left) I've tried both RCroller and ISObuster and they both seem to stall out at about 77% done. I hate to do it, but if I have to, I will send this disc off to someone to try and recover the pictures. My wife is really PO'ed that so many of the grandkids pictures have gone poof! I intended to make a backup of the disc when it was full but never got to that point. I have a new DVD writer that I'm going to install and see if it will read it. Any other suggestions? Thanks, RoD
  5. RoDnSuE

    Drag To Disc Problem After System Restore

    Thanks to all for the help. Still trying to recover the disc. I will let you know. RoD
  6. Hi all, I am trying to recover a Rewritable DVD made with Roxio Drag to Disc. The problem is Windows is saying "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable" This problem has started after doing a system restore to Dell factory settings. (complete system restore) I was not able to close the disc due to some malware my wife had accidentally downloaded which was why I did the system restore. After the restore, A NEW disc is operating as it should but I can't access the original disc that was started before the system restore. Anyhoo, The system is... Dell inspiron 530 3gb memory TSST Corp DVD+-RW drive (TS-H653B) 500GB hard drive Windows XP home (with all updates) This disc has ALOT of family pictures on it and I have to figure out a way to get them back. ANY help is much appreciated. Thanks, RoD