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  1. I have the same problem with mine !

  2. joelycat

    What's Cpmonitor.exe

    Does anyone know what C:\Program Files\Roxio Creator 2009\5.0\CPMonitor.exe is? I don't think it loads at boot-up but maybe when Creator 2009 runs. But it stays in memory after exiting. It appears small and well behaved but I like to know what's running and if it's necessary. Thanks.
  3. joelycat

    Can't Install Video Capture Usb

    Yup, I had the same problem -- they shipped me the old Pinnacle drivers. I went in circles a little bit with support but they finally got me the correct drivers and it installed and worked without problems.
  4. joelycat

    Uninterrupted Analog Capture?

    That makes sense (my screen looks like yours; no "Capture Entire Tape" button). I tried setting the recording length but it still stops capturing when it senses no signal. It's not a huge deal but it means I have to spend more time monitoring the captures, rewinding the tape, etc. The other thing that's a little frustrating is that the capture button is disabled until it gets a signal so I always lose a second at the beginning of a session. Again, not a huge deal but I'll toss out a suggestion to the Roxio developers: Add the ability to put it in capture mode, start capturing as soon as it gets a signal, and automatically save each "session". That would make importing analog home movies much simpler. Overall I love the new USB capture device. The only problem I've had is that it occasionally goes into "fast forward" (not my camera; the capture) and the audio is distorted. It seems to be infrequent and hopefully it's a software issue that can be fixed. Thanks for everyones help.
  5. joelycat

    Uninterrupted Analog Capture?

    I don't see a "Capture Entire Tape" button??? I'm using Creator 2009; maybe they dropped it? I'll give the tape length a shot. Thanks.
  6. Just got the brand new video capture USB device working and I love it. But... I'm capturing from an analog cam and when there's dead space between recording "sessions", Roxio Media Import automatically stops capturing and asks if I want to save the file. I have 15 or 20 super 8 tapes that I want to put on DVD and would like to just start one and have it record until the end of the tape. Most of them have many "session" (kid's baseball game, birthday party, christmas, etc.) as I suspect most people do on their home movies. Is there any way that I can start the capture, walk away, and just let it save the whole tape? I'll edit later.
  7. This is the first video capture I've used but it seems to work very well. Once I got the correct drivers, it installed without incident. My camera is a 10 year old Sony Super 8. I plugged in using component cables (the only option on my camera), fired up Creator 2009 and it immediately recognized the device. I captured a few minutes of an old video just to make sure it was working (captured to AVI; 720x480 i think???). My daughter and I then watched about 1/2 hour of old videos and the hardware/software worked flawlessly. As I said, I'm new to vidcap so I can't really speak to the quality or options but so far so good. If you already have Creator 2009 the extra $60 seems well worth it. </joel> hp pavilion zd8000 laptop P4 2.8ghz ATI mobility X600 2 GB ram
  8. Roxio support sent me the correct drivers today and everything is working fine. Thanks, Ivan! </joel>
  9. yes yes yes Ok, I tried answering the previous posts and the Roxio Video Capture USB device still doesn't work. Any other ideas? I did get another email from Roxio stating that they're looking into it so hopefully I'll get the correct drivers soon. Thanks again for "getting" it.
  10. Thank you. BTW, in response to the two posts below: Yes, I purchased Creator 2009 AND the Roxio Video Capture USB device. </joel>
  11. I just got 2009 and the brand new Roxio Video Capture USB device. It came with an installation CD and instructions. I followed the instructions (..when Found New Hardware comes up, Cancel and insert CD...). The documentation says it will AutoPlay and, if not, run the autoplay file from Explorer. Well, there is no autoplay file on the CD. Just one single file called "PinnacleDazzleDVC100.exe). I ran this and it installed *something* but the installer screens looked nothing like the documentation. The device is still not recognized by Windows or Creator 2009. I contact Roxio via the chat support and he told me I had the wrong drivers and to call the 800 number. So I did. She also told me I had an old version of the drivers that were meant for a previous device AND that I would be sent the correct drivers. About 30 minutes later I got an emal from Roxio stating: The Roxio Video Capture Device is unable to operate without the Roxio Creator 2009. The drivers are included with the Roxio Creator 2009. Reshipping the product will not allow the product to work correctly. I don't think they understood the issue. Firstly, I HAVE CREATOR 2009. And it seems obvious that I was sent the wrong drivers! Is anyone else having an issue like this? </joel>