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    Making my DVD

    I have created all of my videowave productions and now want to make a dvd with all of them together and then burn my DVD I tried to import them into the make a dvd production but they do not show up to import. Could someone direct me as how to do this? Thank you Patti
  2. hguhcM

    Trimming Audio

    Thank you for your info. Before I received it, I went into sound editor and edited the original songs. Then imported them back into my music this timed it saved as a wav not an mp4. I then deleted my orignal audio tracks and imported my wav tracks. I saved my worked and then burned my DVD at 8.0 speed. It came out great. Now, I did all of this in MY DVD. Next time I will work in videowave first because everyone says I should. Why is that? I will also keep your your info about the audio editing.
  3. I insert my audio track onto my music track. I double click on the audio selection and then press trim audio. I play the song until I get to the point I want to start and then I press the far right arrow to trim. Then I press OK. This puts my song on the music track and when I play it on my computer it is fine., When I burn the DVD, the song starts at the beginning of the song, not where I trimmed it. What am I doing wrong?
  4. hguhcM

    Creator 10 Video Issues

    The verbatim DVD's helped a lot. Audio is still skipping but not as much. Any hints about why my audio is not starting from where I trimmed it, but at the beginning of the song?
  5. hguhcM

    Creator 10 Video Issues

    I tried both of your suggestions to no avail. I am going to buy some new DVD's and see if that might help/ I am using memorex -R right how.
  6. I created a video project in MYDVD with pictures, video and music. I then burned the DVD and the music skips and freezes. I moved the music from the audio bar to the sound effects bar and burned the DVD again but the same thing happened. Help, my daughters wedding is in two weeks and I don't want to show it on my computer