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  1. I'm running Windows 7, Home Premium, SP1 with an Intel Core i7-2600 CPU, 8GB memory. There are 3 differences I noticed in your screenshot and the one I submitted. Mine states capture device failed, yours states capture device has been lost. Yours also shows the preview screen where mine never comes up. Additionally, yours shows "there are no devices for this media type" in the drop down device box where mine shows the Roxio Video Capture USB device. The connections all along the line are secure. Thanks for the quick reply.
  2. Recently purchased RC 2012 SE (Costco) and have been trying to use the Roxio Roxio Video Capture USB device that came with my RC 2011 version. It keeps telling me that the "Selected video capture device failed." (See Attached error.jpeg) I looked in the Device Manager and it is listed in the sound portion of the listing and the properties tell me it's working properly. (See Attached DevMgr.JPG). The driver for the device is the latest I could get from Roxio. Is there something more I can check on or is this device not compatible? Assistance appreciated.
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    Thanks Brendon & tbrewst for your quick replies. Brendon, yes it is a shame they're slowly phasing the Roxio apps out. I believe it is a vanity thing. The buyout company seems to think nobody can do it better than they can, hence the slow dissolve of good, proven apps. Sigh ... tbrewst, yes, it's there. Duh, Should have looked there but I always preferred to make things more complicated than they are. Again, I appreciate your help and rapid response. Have a good one. Joe
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    Just installed 2009 and beginning to check it out. The only Lable creator I can access is the Express Labeler. I've been using EMC 10 and it has both the Full Featured Labeler and the Express Labeler. Is this not the case with 2009 or am I just not holding my mouth right? Curious minds want to know. Thanks ahead for any reply.