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    Can you make BluRay menus?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions and offer tips. -I use Verbatim brand discs more than anything else. -I usually create ISO files first and then use DVD copy to burn. -I usually always burn at the slowest speed or half speed at the fastest. -My DVD lengths are almost always just under 1 hour. If they are over I use DL. Chapters are usually at 6-8. But no matter what the discs will still freeze up when fast forwarding or selecting later chapters. I'll look into the firmware on the burners. As for specs, I can't look up the specs on the computer I usually use at this moment, but I checked before to see if it was adequate and it is. From what I remember it's a dual core with about 8 GB of ram or so. As for the glitches I was talking about, I've dealt with so many since I've been using Roxio EMC 10. When you use it as much as I do, I guess it's inevitable you're going to find every little thing. I've found so many "work arounds" as you suggested, I'd just hate for 2010 to have a bunch of new strange things that need new work-arounds. As frustrating as it's been, I've grown accustomed to using Roxio. So I hope that it's getting better so I won't have to abandon the brand for something else. Thanks again
  2. I currently have Roxio Media Creator 10. I'm looking at the upgrade to Roxio Creator 2010 or 2010 Pro. What I can't find is confirmation that you can design BluRay menus. I see that you can burn to bluray, but with my current version it says that you can do that, but only without a menu - if you do it straight from Videowave. I did find a few reviews on 2010 online that said you could use "premade" bluray menus. Does this mean that I can't design my own custom menu, like you can with DVD menus? Also, has anyone had good results with the automatic brightening/color correction, that it says that 2010 has? And is 2010 less glitchy? The biggest problem I've had with Creator 10 is that no matter what brand I use, whether I burn in Hardware Software, or what computer I use, I get freeze ups - particularily with advancing to chapters near the end of the DVD's or when selecting later chapters from the menus I've created. It will freeze up and not play. Generally, have they corrected most of the glitches prevailant in previous versions? Thank you, Codey
  3. Oscarface

    This week's mystery issue.

    Hello Jim, Yes, that is the exact process that I did, which has brought me to this issue. Now I have that mpeg2 (best quality for dvd) file, that only plays the audio on it when I use Cineplayer. (No audio when played in DVD player, or using Windows Media player) Sorry, when I said "data file", I just meant that he wanted it burned as a Data Disc that he can use to easily access the video, instead of burning it as an ISO DVD player disc. Anyway, I'm glad that you see the steps I took to make the file, now I'm just trying to figure out why it didn't work. Cheers, Codey
  4. I used a voice recorder to record the audio at a lecture, while recording video with an HDV camera. The voice recorder is an Olympus VN-6200 PC, which says it records to WMA format, so you can bring it right into the compter. I did that, and then brought the recording into sound editor to get the audio playing on both the left and right speakers. It worked fine. I also stretched the file a bit, since the recorder audio slowly had gone out of sync with the video, and I read the solution was to stretch it a bit. And if I play the audio file now, it plays fine. And when I brought that file and synced it up to the video in Videowave, it played fine in the preview. The person I'm doing this for wanted it as a data file, to work with later, so I wanted to keep the file as orginal quality as I could, so I output it as.....I think mpeg2, but if I click on it's properties it just says mpeg. And now, I can open the data file disc, and play the file, but it will only play the audio if I play it with Roxio's CinePlayer. If I play it with Windows Media Player, on either of my computers, it only plays the video --no audio. The person I sent it to just told me the same thing - he's not getting any audio. Why would the audio play fine with CinePlayer only? I also tried putting the data disc in my regular DVD player, and it let me play it, but also without audio. So, to sum up: Audio file alone plays fine using windows media. Video file plays fine using windows media. Join the two together, and the audio does not play using windows media, or using a DVD player, but will play using CinePlayer. Another unsolved mystery. Suggestions anyone?
  5. Oscarface

    DVD menu not functioning

    Thanks for your response. In the end, I went with what Jim said - redoing it. I delted all the music files off of my original videowave project, and reloaded them all, then resent the project into MYDVD, and redid the MYDVD project. I wish it hadn't required all that, but I'm very grateful that it actually worked, and I was able to send out the DVD. Thanks for all your suggestions, guys.
  6. Oscarface

    DVD menu not functioning

    hee hee Perhaps. Yeah, it's been quite maddening. Nothing is working here. As for starting fresh, that's not an option, as it's a long multiple camera production that took a while to do, and I need to ship it out asap. I really don't get why it's playing the wrong song like that, overriding the songs that are supposed to be playing. Very strange. Do you think it would matter that the songs are quicktime files? I usually don't work with quicktime audio files. Thank you for your suggestion. I had high hopes that it would work, but it did not. I've tried so many things...moving the audio files, defrag, disk cleanup, all that jazz. Usually I like mystery...but not when I'm over a deadline. lol
  7. Oscarface

    DVD menu not functioning

    You are correct, Sir! I tell ya, I've toggled that Hardware/Software thing so many times, but forgot about it this time. So, burning it on software fixed that problem, and I was enjoying a nice smooth playback..until..... The wrong song played...not the song I put on that part of the timeline. Instead it had just played the song that was on the timeline before it, again. And then....again.....For some crazy reason, every song after the 2nd song, has been replaced by the 2nd song. I just checked the timeline and all the songs are in the right places. I played it, and the preview in videowave playes it as it should be - all the songs playing just right. Why would it do this during encoding when everything seem fine? It's really one thing after another for this production. "#$^@ it Jim", I'm a videographer not a miracle worker! hee hee I'm gonna try a few things, but any suggestions would be great, in case I log on here later still clueless. Thank you Codey
  8. Oscarface

    DVD menu not functioning

    AN UPDATE: I was up all night trying to fix this problem. I made another ISO file that worked fine when I loaded it into a virtual drive....It scrolled properly...and I could hit enter to play. (unlike the other ones I made) But when I burned it, it didn't have the highlight/selection ability again. So I took the ISO file and brought it into another computer, and burned it with that computer, and it works! Unfortunetly, now I'm experiencing a new problem. While the image quality is good, it's very jittery during movement. There's also a very visible line across the screen noticeable during movement. Also the dissolves, which are usually smooth when I'm making/burning projects on this same computer are now really jittery with this production. Why might this suddenly be happening?
  9. Oscarface

    DVD menu not functioning

    Thank you for you reply. The brands I am using are Sony DVD+R, and Fujifilm (Which I know isn't so great). I just ran out of Verbatim, but I've been using the sony discs with Roxio for months now and never had a problem, so it can't be a brand problem. I just finished burning yet another one, this time in software mode, and it's the same thing - no luck. As mentioned, I tried 2 regular DVD players, and it's the same thing - no highlight...no playing functions. If I put the disc in my computer, there's still no highlight...but I can click on "Play Movie" and "Chapters" with my mouse and it will work. If I load the ISO into a virtual drive, there is the higlight and I can use the arrow keys to toggle between "Play Movie" and "Chapters", but just noticed that I still have to use the mouse to click on them, to get them to work, and can't just hit enter or anything. I'm baffled. As for using RW's, I bought some before, but I kept having problems with them. But I will look into trying another brand of RW.
  10. Oscarface

    DVD menu not functioning

    Hello, I have just tried burning a production with dvd menu 3 times, to no avail. I brought my videowave 10 project into mydvd...created a chapter selections page....So I have two options on my main dvd menu: Play Movie Chapters When I previewed the production in mydvd...all looked great...worked great... I successfully encoded the disc...using High Quality, and then used DVD copy to burn it onto a DVD+R disc. Now, when I go to play the DVD on my DVD player the DVD menu comes up, but there is no highlight to select what you want. And, though I read many people having the problem of no highlight, but still being able to play it, I can not play, or select anything. It just plays the DVD music...and then flashes my Chapters page quickly and then plays the music again. If I put the disc in my computer, there is no highlight but I can click what I want, and it works fine. Also, I tried loading the ISO into a virtual drive, and played it with Cineplayer and the highlight shows up and I can us the up/down keys to select what I want...all is well. My screentest says to use Hardware, and I have used hardware successfully for many, many projects. I tried using 2 brands of DVD discs, and 2 brands of regular DVD players. What am I missing here?
  11. One of the most frustrating things I've found with Videowave is that the timeline cursor is always jumping to somewhere you don't want it to. For instance, I'll be watching a clip halfway through my project, and I'll decide to fade the audio out on it, and fade it back in on the next clip. But soon as I add the fade out, the cursor will automatically jump to the beginning of the whole project, and I have to scroll along until I refind my place...add the fade on the next clip, after which it will do the same thing. I've encountered this automatic jumping around for a number of reasons and it's a real pain. For certain things, you can watching the end of a clip and you add something and it will jump to the beginning of the clip. Whatever the case, it doesn't make any sense. I just want it to stay at the place I have selected in the timeline, and not move unless I move it. What's the deal here?
  12. I have footage that I'm capturing right now, that was shot with a standard definition camera in widescreen mode. From what I gather, standard definition widescreen footage is actually 4:3 with black on the top and bottom that has been either stretched or cropped to give the illusion of a 16:9 image. So when I import this footage into a videowave project, should I make that project a 16:9 project or a 4:3 project. What will be the difference between the two options when I'm viewing it on DVD?
  13. Oscarface

    Can MYDVD 10 burn to high definition?

    Thank you for your reply. No, it doesn't have the AVCHD option or anything else regarding HD in MYDVD 10. Which is unfortunate since I told my client that I would burn them an HD version of the wedding video with menu that I already created. Now It looks like my only HD option with this software is to burn it without a menu. That seems very odd. Maybe you have a suggestion for this other problem am experiencing: After bringing some HDV footage into videowave...it will play fine. But if I split the clip suddenly during playback it will freeze up at the split for about 3 seconds. This freeze up is not just during the preview, but on the actual burned DVD. It doesn't do this at every split..but about every 4th time or so. I upgraded my computer, thinking it was the fact that I didn't have enough ram or a dual core computer, but now that I've upgraded to 6 GB of ram, with the 64 bit version of windows vista, and a 3.4 ghz dual core computer, it does the same thing. The only thing I've found that will fix it, is to go to every place where it's freezing up (start of all those clips) and keep hitting frame advance until the preview actually moves (after hitting it about 8 times) and then I reset the start point to there. A lot of work to do when there are freeze ups all over the place. It's as if, when I split the clip, it multiplies the first frame about 8 times. Weird. This is HDV footage, captured to MPEG2, and when I watch the captured footage, all is fine. It's just when I start splitting up the footage, I have this problem.
  14. I captured my mini dv tapes which had HDV footage on them. It said they were capturing in "MPEG2 1440 x 1080" I brought them into Videowave 10, got them ready, and then sent them to MYDVD so that I could then burn them in High Definition to a standard DVD disc. I read that you could do this - that a blu-ray player could play a regular DVD in high definition. Only, the mydvd 10 project settings only list 720x480 as the best video quality, and it gives no option to make a disc that can be played in a blu-ray player. Now, I noticed that there are these options in Videowave. You can go to "output as" and select different High Defintion/Blu-Ray options. Can you only burn Standard Definition discs from MYDVD? I would like to have a menu, but if I can't encode to High Definition from MYDVD, I'd like to know what setting I need to choose in Videowave so that I can play HD on a regular DVD disc in a blu-ray player.
  15. Oscarface

    Working with both HD and SD (16:9)

    I've spent 3 days searching online for the solution to this problem, when I should have been delivering my project to my client by now. So if ANYONE has an answer please let me know asap. I've read about changing settings in other programs when caputuring "non true 16:9" footage, but I don't see any setting like that in Roxio when caputuring. I've read that SDcopy changes the flag when capturing, but that seems to only work for newer cameras, not an older camera (JVC GY DV300U) like mine. It seems that's what I need though - to somehow get roxio to detect that it's letterbox 16:9 and display it as 16:9 - filling the 16:9 preview window and not having the black bars on the top and bottom. I just really need to match up my footage so that I'm not cutting from a camera shot that shows black bars to a camera that shows real 16:9 (no back bars). At a standstill here, Codey