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  1. I will get back to you in a week or so with a more detailed description of the problem. Thanks for your help.
  2. Does your suggestion of going to $200 alternative mean there is no fix for the problem in MyDVD9. I have since the original posting made another DVD with five chapters. To see if it made a difference I did not change the thumbnail type chapter buttons to text but did move the fifth chapter to the screen with the other four chapters. It seemed to work better than the problem described above other than when going to the chapter select screen it defaulted to the HOME button instead of the first chapter. Thanks in advance for any help with this problem.
  3. Well, it has been 12 days and no one has come up with any suggestions. Do others have this problem? Does anyone have a suggestion of another DVD authoring package? Guess I will go shopping.
  4. I have created several DVD Movies over the years with chapter menus using MyDVD 9. When the DVD's are played on a DVD player or when I preview them prior to burning, the chapters cannot be navigated in the correct order. When using the up/down or left/right navigation arrows it will move the selection in any direction (sometimes the correct direction). Also when the chapter menu is selected it seems the first chapter should be selected but on my present project the HOME button is selected (highlighted) on the DVD player. When previewed it does go to the first chapter. This makes it difficult to find the right combination of arrow pushes to get to the chapter you want. Not very professional so I decided it was time to get some help. Here is how I have the menus organized on my present project. This project has two movies - first movie without chapters and second movie with chapters. Main Menu (comes up when DVD is inserted) __First Movie (plays ~2 minute movie then returns to Main Menu) __Second Movie (plays ~60 minute movie start to finish then returns to Main Menu) __Select Chapter (Selects an 8 chapter menu - text titles for the different chapters. Each chapter plays from a selected point in Second Movie to end of movie) Chapter Menu __Chapter 1______Chapter 5 __Chapter 2______Chapter 6 __Chapter 3______Chapter 7 __Chapter 4______Chapter 8 _______________HOME____^ Note: the underscores are to force this post to show the menu as formated on screen. Thanks for your help. PS: Don't know if this adds anything of importance but I used the default menu. I changed the background and on the chapter menus I changed them from buttons with image in it to text. The default had the chapters split on two chapter screens (4 chapters each). I moved the four on the second chapter screen to the first chapter screen.
  5. dand47

    Audio drops out when DVD is played

    Wow, I am learning a lot from this discussion, thanks, The reason I reported the burn area of the disk was to hopefully give you some useful info - maybe its not. You ask why I want to squeeze all I can get on a disk. What I want first is best quality, and second to get all of one project on one disk if possible. I assumed if the EMC 9 quality was set to HQ (not "fit to disk") and I had room left I was good to go. Is this true or not? You mention bitrates. Below is the info from Matrox Mediaexport on the mpg2 files I export from Adobe Premiere 6.5. As you probably know Matrox is an add-on to adobe. Is this a good fit for EMC 9 or would I be better exporting avi files from Adobe and letting EMC 9 encode them. I am looking for best quality because the new flat screen tv's sure show any flaws. Matrox info: For creating DVD-quality, variable bit rate video, using simple VBR mode (multiplexed). Video: MPEG-2 elementary 720x480; 29.97 fps; VBR average 4500 Kbps; Sequence header before every GOP. Audio: MPEG audio layer II 48 kHz; 16-bit; Stereo; 384 Kbps Motion Estimation: 16 Thanks for the help and information.
  6. dand47

    Audio drops out when DVD is played

    Thanks for educating me on how DVD authoring works. But I'm still a little confused with what you are telling me and what I see when working with EMC9. The DVD I just finished has three seperate videos on it. The time of each is 0:29:48:28, 0:36:27:21 and 0:27:15:09 for a total of over 93 minutes. I have HQ selected for the quality setting. EMC says there is 92.7MB free and when I look at the burned disk the burned area measures 4.45 inches in diameter. This is with the first file being an avi loaded into the project before EMC makes it an mpg2 and the other two being mpg2 loaded into the project. On disks where all three were mpg2 loaded into the project the burned area only measures 4.1 inches and these disks actually had 4 or 5 minutes extra material on them. Again, EMC9 indicated HQ. On a disk where I only burned the first video, the 0:29:48:28 long one, it burned 2.8 inches on the disk. On a different 59 minute project the burned area of the disk measured 3.5 inches, again at HQ according to EMC9. These are all 4.7GB disks. Can I depend on the video actually being HQ quality when EMC9 indicates HQ even though I am putting up to 90 minutes on the disk? I have not noticed a difference in playback between short projects and ones that run over 60 minutes. When I load an mpg2 into an EMC9 project, does it use that file as is or does it do more compression. Sorry for all this info but I want to understand how best to use EMC and still get as much on a DVD as possible.
  7. dand47

    Audio drops out when DVD is played

    I did not create the avi from the mpg2. I created it in Adobe Premiere from my edited video. I have several options within Adobe which include avi and mpg2. Evidently EMC9 didn't like something in the Adobe created mpg2 but worked when EMC9 created the mpg2. Whatever, it worked with the avi. I am able to put close to 90 minutes of video on the 4.7GB DVD at what EMC9 indicates is HQ. My first attempt at this project (with all mpg2 files) had more (~90 minutes) on it than I was able to put on it when I used the avi file for the first 30 minutes of the DVD. And the first project had several minutes left over but the last only had a 92.7MB or 1 minute left according to EMC9. Does it mean I am getting the best quality when I have HQ selected and EMC9 says it will fit. Again, thanks for your help in this matter.
  8. dand47

    Audio drops out when DVD is played

    Thank you again for your assistance. So an iso file cannot be played directly as I understood from you post. I usually do make an iso file then use that to burn copies. As for Verbatim. I am in a friendly (so for) war with them over two 50 packs of printable dvd's. The ink will not dry when printed. This war has gone on for 4 months and is about to get heated. I have used a lot of memorex with no problem. And this problem only shows up with that one 30 minute file and always in exactly the same four spots so I doubt a disk problem. I created an avi file instead of mpg2 and it worked with no problem. But when I try to add the other two files to the same DVD, EMC9 indicates the I have max'ed out the capacity of the disk. So I assume when a dvd is created by EMC it does not compress the original file but instead uses what I load up and just adds menus. As you can see I am a little lacking on the how these programs work. I just made two DVD's, one RW and one write only, both work. I used the avi file to replace the problem mpg2 and the other two files are mpg2. It works on both DVD's. Still don't know what original problem was but at least I have something that works. Thanks for you help.
  9. dand47

    Audio drops out when DVD is played

    Thanks for your quick response and help. I tried in another DVD player with same result. I also played in Media Center on my laptop. Only stuttered in one of the four spots and not as bad. In Windows Media Player on my desktop it stuttered in two places. The DVD's are Memorex +R's. The mpg2 file plays perfect in Video Wave. It will also play in WMP. Can I copy an ISO file to disc then play it or do I need the "virtual drive" thing? How/what "mount a virtual drive"? You made the statement "I'm not clear on what you are doing". Is there a better way other than the mpg2 route. Would I be better creating an AVI file (less compression) and importing that into MyDVD. Thanks.
  10. Have made several different DVD's over the last few years and this is first time for this problem. I edit on an XP machine in Adobe Premiere 6.5 and export with Adobe/Matrox Media Export to an MPG2 file. The drop out is a stuttering, drop in volume and out of sync problem. Each occurrence is only 1 or 2 seconds long and happens in coincidence with a transition either from video to a still image or from still to still. I went back to adobe and changed the cut transitions to cross dissolves but it made no difference. I made a disc image and transferred it from my XP desktop to my Vista laptop and burned a DVD on the Vista but had same problem. I have burned four different discs all have the same problem. There is no problem when the AVI is played from the timeline in Adobe or if I play the MPG2 file in Windows Media Player or when I play in preview mode in EMC9. Problem shows up after the MPG2 file is burned as a DVD.
  11. I am having a problem with the DVD drive, TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L632D ATA, on my Dell Inpiron 1520 with Vista OS when running Roxio Creator DE ver. 9.0.116. I checked driver updates for the drive but it says it is up to date. I open Creator and select "burn image". Insert blank DVD and burn it. It ejects when complete When complete I click DONE. It goes back to project window. I insert another blank and click the CONTINUE button to burn it. Sometimes I click CONTINUE as soon as I insert the DVD and sometimes I let the drive shutdown first. From here it may work normal or may lock up Creator and the disc drive disappears from the Device Manager window which I have open. When it locks up this is what I see and do. The drive light stays ON forever and I can hear the drive spinning. It will not eject with the drive eject button. I have to shut down Creator with Cntl, Alt, Del. The program Creator is still shown as running in the Task Manager Window even though it is locked up. Then I put the computer in sleep mode long enough for the drive to stop spinning. When I awake the computer the drive is listed in device manager. I restart Creator, insert blank DVD and burn it I also tried putting the computer in sleep mode before shutting down Creator with C-A-D. After some time the drive will stop spinning but when I unsleep the computer, Creator is still locked up but the drive is not spinning. I shut down Creator with C-A-D and open it again. The DVD drive is not showing in Device Manager and when I click the button to burn the DVD it says “A suitable drive was not detected. Please attach a drive and try again”. I put computer in sleep mode and reawake. DVD drive now listed in Device Manager. Click Burn button and we are cooking again. Here is another scenario. Put in new DVD and drive did not stop and disappeared from Device List. Shut down Creator before clicking the CONTINUE button to burn. Creator did shut down so it only locks up when trying to burn after the drive has disappeared from the Device Manager. Also tried inserting and ejecting DVD several times in a row. It did not disappear from Device Manager. On the second and later insertions of the DVD Creator would become “not responsive” for 30 seconds or so then come back alive. This time I tried shutting down Creator then restarting it before inserting DVD and it worked this time anyway. Still have 9 to go so will see if this works. Worked on second try but noticed that Creator showed “not responsive” for few seconds in device manager. It did burn OK. I burned several DVD's in this manner with no problem.